August 29th- Boy, today sucked in a word. It was so horrible that it was really funny. Really. I haven't updated in a few days, so I figured I would. But I have nothing to say. People. *snort* idotic people. The more of them I meet, the less of them I like.

August 26th- Hello loves. Today was pretty crappy, but what can you exspect from a monday? Yesterday I went to a Holgen/Envy Consert and they were amazeing, even if they did get kicked off a song early. After that I went to Trents birthday party. I got him a cd that I have no idea wether he'll like or not. I know, so sweet, oh well. The rest of last weekend was pretty good too Franz had a party and I went to the park, the Magic House, the play groud, the health food store, and SCRUBS&BEYOND! It was very nifty. Allright. G'day.

August 22ed- Oh boy, today was much worse. There goes my pretending it's getting better. I found out I do always have lunch with Ian however which is nice because that mean's I'll have someone to talk to. That's it, bye.

August 21st- Frist day of school. Oh today was hell. Oh it was hell. Hell hell hell. I'm going to pretend that it only gets better from here on out, I wonder how long that that thought can keep me happy before I relise it's getting worse?

August 19th- Well the last few days have been fairly pleasent for the ending of summer I supose. On the friday Ian and I hung out and that was fun exsept for several bad breakings of pots. So then yesterday Fitz and I went up to Queeny Park we had a really good time we saw seven deers and found an excellent wobbly park bench to flop down on. However we must have bell slumbed over that park bench for about five hours because when we relised we had to get up it was very dark. We got lost. This was rather embarrassing, and when we were walking I was looking up at this funny looking star that was really bright... but then the funny looking star just went out! And I screamed like "FITZ!" and threw my arm arcoss him and pointed up at the sky "that star just tured off!" Then he gave me a funny look and said "That's a airplane." So, I felt extra stupid because not only was I lost in Queeny Park, but I had just mistaken a Airplane for a blinking star. Finaly we got back to his car, and when I called him mom to tell her what was going on, she called me a Dingbat because she thought it was Fitz calling. So Fitz's mom called me a Dingbat... that made my day. Allright, but I'm home and safe now and today Fitz came over after water-polo and we went back to school shopping. Then, Adam came over and we watched a really TERRIBLE movie. I'll be updateing that "Masochist Movie watching" section alot soon." G'night.

August 15th- "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." Oh good God.... that's today? Oh please, just shoot me now. School... it's comeing back.

August 14th- Okay so the stomach is the part of the human body most sensative to emotion. You know when you're horrible upset you get that sinking feeling in your stomach (I do anyway). And emotions come staight from your brain.... so were did this thing about the heart choseing who you love come from? (I heard that it orginated from the idians because when you saw someone you were attracted to your heart beat faster, but I don't know if I believe that. ) I mean, we're all like "I love you from the bottom of my heart." Good lord, shouldn't it be "I love you from the bottom of my stomach." I mean after all, when we're about to go on that big date with the speical someone don't we all get "butterflys in OUR STOMACHS?". I just don't get it.... Love is an emotion, an emotion comes from the brain and the place you are most likely to feel lit is your stomach.... so.... we love people with our hearts? No, I personially am quite certain I will tell any futer love's, that I love them with all my stomach. I supose that mean's it's a good thing there probaly won't be any futher loves then right? So, as long as I've brought on this long drawn on topic of love... have I ever metioned my favorite 'love theory' story? Probaly, but I'm going to write anyway. Long ago, so long a go that no one alive today can remember humans had two heads, four arms, four legs and were compliete. However, long ago humans were still just as stupid as they are today. They angered Zeus and he sent down lightly to strike each of them, ripping them from there other half. So now humans walk the earth with one head, two arms and two legs surching for there other half. It makes you wonder were the lighting bolt hit doesn't it? That's a great story. It makes perfect sence too, because you see some couples that are pretty simiarl... not exsactly but pretty close and that's what makes them look so good together... then you see others that are like day and night... and that's what makes them so good together. Okay... I definatly need to stop thinking so much about pointless things. Oh, I delated a bunch of stuff on the site, I don't have to explain. G'night all.

August 12th- So boy, did today ever suck. I had to wake up at 7:30 to go to babysitting which was obnixious because I had to be up untill 2 last nigth not being able to sleep. Then I came home, and got severaly bitched out. After that Fitz came over and we sat around for awhile and watched a really bad movie. I do mean REALLY bad. Evil Dead... some girl but raped by a tree and turnd into a monster and then tried to eat all her friends. I think I'm going to make a bad movie section part of my site and knock off the list of things and dedictactions. I don't know why my guest book isn't showing up, that's really annoying. Anyway, on the postive points for today, the kids I'm sitting all week are awsome, and.. rrr..... that's about it.

August 10th- I'm back. Vactaion was hell, but the important thing is I'm back now. I really missed my room, my friends, my compter and my animals. As much as I don't like this town, it's great to be back. I've re cleaned/decorated my room again!

August 4th- I just watched the stupidest movie ever. Not so bad it's good, just so bad it's bad. Well, for the three people who read this you should know I'm leaveing for Brandson tommrow. I'll be back the tenth I believe, I know you'll all miss me so much. I'll update again when I get back I supose. I'm going back to my old lay out, it was much more pleasent I think. I think I'm going to make a "Bad Movies" section of my site, seeing that's all I ever watch anymore. This may be because the slection at both the Snuchnks video deparment and Video Update suck. I swear, I'm not spelling video right but for the live of me I cannot remember how to spell it. Allright, I shall see you all the by the 11th I'm sure. G'night.

August 3rd (two in one day? WOW)- My sister is back! The show was more than amazing. Allright, well Venessa Carlton sucked, and ThridEyeBlinds ego kept hitting me really hard. But, Jamie, Sarah and I almost died when the goo-goo dolls came on. It was one rock out show. At the end of it I struck up a converstaion with one of the roadies and he definatly went and got me the set list. I gave it to Jamie thought, but still. It was good, very good.

August 3rd- Tonight's the night of the conster! I'm excited! I bet Jamie's going to wet her pants! New favorite line from a movie: "I love you!" "*SLAP SLAP* well get over it!"- Moonbeam