About Myself

1 Name: Langen.... I would like to be known as Langen-Langen-Langen... or Langen-Cubed However.

2 Birthday: January 29th

3 Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

4 Sex: Eh, I'll pass this time.

5 What time is it: 9:48


6 Slept in your bed: Myself....

7 Saw you cry: mmm... my snuggly toy rabbit.

8 Made you cry: The world.

9 Spent the night at your house: Nobody has spent the night here in quite some time.... I supose Fitz last spent the night at my "country" house, does that count?

10 You shared a drink with: Addy-muffin.... diet coke.

11 Went to the movies with: Fitz.

12 You went to the mall with: probaly Ian back in the day.

13 Yelled at you: God, who hasn't?

14 Sent you an email: I supose this one.

15 Said they were going to kill you: God again, who hasn't?

16 Said "i love you" and meant it: God yet another time, who hasn't?!?!

17 Gotten in a fight w/ your dog/cat/bird/fish,etc: Man, all my animals have crushs on my friends.

18 Been to New York: No

19 Been to Florida: Yes

20 California: Not yet.

21 Hawaii: No, I might go there one day thougth.

22 Mexico: No, Abby always used to invite me but mother always said not..

23 China: No.

24 Canada: No. I should go there thought.

25 Danced naked: Maybe a couple of times in the shower.

26 Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day: Yes.

27 Got a really bad feeling about something then it happened: Yes.

28 Stalked someone: Rob Thomas's birthday is Febuary 14th he was born on a military base in Germany, at the age of 13 he... I mean. No.

29 Had a mudbath: Do mud fights count?

30 Wish you were of the opposite sex: Everyday.

31 Had an imaginary friend: An? like one? no. Probaly like twenty.

32 Apples or Bananas: Apples, I am allrigic to bananas.

33 Red or Blue: Blue

34 Backstreet boys or N'Sync: If forced to chose between the two? N*sync. But that may be changeing because recently the Backstreet Boys sued there record deal for putting out a Nick Cater solo CD that pushed back the releasing of there cd. Which yes, tencially Nick Cater is sueing his record company for letting him put out a cd. Which of corse just makes him ten times cooler. Because really any company should be sued for putting that out.

35 Spring or Fall: I do not know.

36 Santa or Rudolph: Santa is a stalker, Rudolph isn't real.

37 Math or English: English.

38 What are you going to do after you finish this survey: Urinate.

39 What is the last food you ate: Really, who eats anymore?

40 High School or College: My guess is neither.

41 Are you bored: Kill me now.

42 How many buddies are on: Depends on your defintion of buddies.

43 Last movie you saw: Probaly Python 2

44 Last noise you heard: "Doll me up in my bad luck I'll meet you....." (foo fighters, Doll)


I was forced to delete this section because I only have three friends


57 Last time you went out of state: I have not left the state in awhile.

58 Things you like in a girl/guy: erm... Fitz?

59 Weirdest thing about you: My face. hahahaha... get it... so funny I rememberd to laugh.

60 Do you have crush on someone: Does it count as a cursh if you are dateing that person?

61 Do they know: well... yeah...

62 Whats his/her name: Fitz.

63 What do you think of ouija boards: Excellent fun but Ian takes them seriously and Amber is afraid of them.

64 What book are you reading now: Looking forward to starting Hearts in Atlatince

65 Whats on your mouse pad: It's grey and says "Apple"

66 Favorite board game: mmm... to many.

67 Favorite magazine: Trashy girly one's like Cosmo that are easy to mock.

68 Favorite smell: Grace, the purfume I usually were.

69 Worst feeling in the world: Being alive and me.

70 What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning: something along the lines of "Kill me now, spare me the agony of the rest of the day."

71 Do you like Scary or Exciting Rollercoasters: Yes.

72 How many rings before you answer: However long it takes me to pull up my pants, wash my and run to the phone. because nobody calls me until the moment I sit down on the toliet.

73 Future Daughters name: I will not have kids but excellent girl names are: Nya, Alorea, Ariella, Gwen or Gweniver, Rela, Lilli(andra), Raven, Pipper, and Isabelle or Isabella.

74 Future sons name: Again, no kids but good names are: Roland, Duncan, Jacob, Kodie, Pippin, Leo, Ambrose, Jarad, Tobie, Zachary, Seth and ROB THOMAS JR.

75 Chocolate or Vanilla: both mixed together.

76 Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: A stuffed animal? hahaha, five.

77 If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be: Actriss/writer.

78 Are you a lefty, righty or ambidextrous: Right, but I am attempting to become ambidextrous.

79 Do you type with your fingers on the right keys: usually.

80 Whats under your bed: a neatly orgnized plastic box of crap.

81 Favorite sport to watch: None.

82 What time is it now: 10:28

A side note: Gary sent to this to me several months ago, I filled it out then but am now just putting it up.