Quote of the Day

March 13th- "You're the color, you're the movement and the spin. Never could it stay with me the whole day long."- The Notwist, Concquence.

November 16th- "I've got everything a man can dream of, I've got you!"- Everything a Man can Dream of, Uncle's Institution.

November 11th- "So I'll clear the road, the gravel and the thorn bush in your path that burns a scented oil tat I'll drip into our bath. The waters there to warm you and the earth is warmer when you laugh."- Lion's Mane, Iron and Wine.

November 2nd- "Give me all of that peace and join me in that bliss"- Bliss, Muse.

October 31st- "We are satsified from monday to friday and on sunday we cry"- Solitair, The Notwist.

October 20th- "Reach out and touch faith"- Personal Jesus, Depeche Mode

October 12th- "Use ever chance you've been given so they say but it doesn't make her smile."- You Know so Well, Sondre Lerche.

October 10th- "You've just wasted your life building up picket fences"- Waiting, The Paper Destiny of Nations.

October 7th- "December's tragic drive when time is poetry."- Seven, Sunny Day Real Estate.

October 6th- "All these ghost towns look the same... anywhere USA"- The Great Decay, Cursive.

October 5th- "I know that you do not feel invited, but come back... come back in from the cold."- I Know, Jude.

October 4th- "Could it be it's the season of the shark?" Season of the Shark, Yo la Tengo.

Oct. 2nd- "I am all that I'll ever be when you lay your hands over me, so don't go weak on me please. I know that I'm meak but god help me I need this"- Bed of Lies, Matchbox Twenty

October 1st- "I ain't wishing for another life. Can I get along without you to tell me lies that you know I'll believe?"- Hate This Place, The Goo Goo Dolls.

September 30th- "I can see the sun but I can't touch, I can drink the water but I can't walk, I can breath the air but I can't fly. I can't be no one, I'm nothing."- Poor Devil, Bugfights.

September 28th- "We wake up in the breakdown of the things we never thought we could be."- Here is Gone, The Goo Goo Dolls.

September 27th- "I wish everyone took my advice: I wish everyone was really nice."- Nice, Thisway.

September 24th- "Back on the track of education overload...."- Reality Check, Schneider TM.

September 22nd- "Our problems are: I have no bags to pack, no suitcase waiting in the hall. You have no make-up no stockings in my draw. Oh, how did we forget?"- The Things You Call Fate, Sondre Lerche.

September 21st- "I'm not here. This isn't happening."- How to Dissapper Completely, Radiohead.

September 18th- "I used to live at home but now I just stay in the house."- The Regular, The Replacements.

Septemeber 14th- "No one knows, so keep your big mouth shut and no one care that your head is full of junk... so bombs away."- Bombs Away, BugFights.

September 7th- "Side two was about the tortured young and old." Side Two, Sondre Lerche.

September 5th- "Please give me drections I think I just caved in, and I don't feel nothing."- Kody, Matchbox Twenty.

September 1st- "You were born with the sun in your eyes."- Violent Star, The Floating City.

Aug 24th- "When loveing comes we've allready gone."- Sulk, Radiohead.

Aug 23rd- "Now and again it seem's worse that it is, but mostly the view is accurate."- Something Vauge, Bright Eyes.

July 26th- "We're just waiting to die, building hiers to our apathy."- Waiting, The Paper Destiny of Nations

July 22nd- "At night we sit and listen to the conary's song, because we had both run right out of words. "- Zero is Also a Number, Nick Cave and The Dirty Three

July 20th- "I wonder where these dreams go when the world gets in the way, what the point in all this screaming? No one's listening anyway."- Acostic Number 3, The Goo Goo Dolls.

July 9th- "Are you drownding or waving? I just want you to save me. Can we try to get along? "- Out of This World, Bush.

July 6th- "I can't help but feeling I could blow threw the ceiling...."- Fake Plastic Trees, Radiohead.

June 16th- "And wispers into the mirror "I'm broken" oh docter, docter can you fix me? Can you fix me?" The Lament of Pretty Baby , Cursive

June 11th- "Is there anything to feel? Is it pain that makes you real?" Long Way Down, The Goo Goo Dolls.

June 7th- "I'm better off dead."- Prove Yourself, Radiohead.

June 2nd- "I hang like a star, fucking glowing in the dark for all the straving eyes to see...."- Something Vauge, Bright Eyes.

May 25th- "Run away train never going back, wrong way on a one way track seems like I should be gettin' somewhere somehow I'm neither here nor there." Run Away Train, Soul Asylum.

May 10th- "I need some meaning I can memorise the kind I have just seems to slip my mind."- Lover I Don't Have to Love, Bright Eyes.

May 4th- "I don't care if Monday's black, Tuesday, Wednesday hard to tack, Thursday never looking back it's Friday I'm in love."- Friday I'm In love, The Cure.

April 27th- "We always say that it'd be good to go away, someday. But then don't work out like we think and there's nothing there to make things change if it's the same for you I'll just go hang."- Hang, Matchbox Twenty.

April 17th- "I watched you suffer, a slow aching pain... and now you've decided to show me the same."- Wild Horse, The Rolling Stones.

April 10th- "I told the priest don't count on any second coming. God got his ass kicked the first time he came down his stomach. He had the balls to live, the gull to die and then forgive us. Thou, I don't wonder why, I wonder what he thought it would get us." Tommrow Wendy, Concrete Blonde.

March 25th- "We fell threw the ice when we tried not to slip." The Freshmen, The Verve Pipe.

March 21st- "Softly surrender to the worst part of these winters that we've made...." Bed of Lies, Matchbox Twenty.

March 15th- "Small the town and big the mess that I cause with every step, but still I walk nonetheless." Trashing Days, The Notwist.

March 8th- "This place was always such a mess sometimes I think I'd like to watch it burn."- One Headlight, The Wallflowers.

March 4th- "I want to forget tommrow will come everyday." - Everyday, Yo La Tengo.

Feburary 25th- "She looks up at the building says she's thinking about jumping... when she says she's tired of life, I know she means she's tired of something round here..." Round Here, The Counting Crows.

Feburary 17th- "We are much less than we knew."- The Center Of The World, Bright Eyes.

Feburary 15th- "I find it kind of funny, and I find it kind of sad that the dreams in which I'm dieing are best I've ever had." Mad World, Tears for Fears.

Feburary 12th- "So I sing and whine and sleep on floors and try hard not to be annoyed by all these people worrying about me."- Bright Eyes, Oh you are the roots that sleep beneth my feet.

Feburary 2nd- "It only hurts me when I'm awake, it seems to die with dreaming. There is only so much that I can fake when my whole life comes careening down."- I Will Not Die, Jude.

"Apparently I'm nothing. Apparently I'm nothing. Nothing at all." Three Libras, A Perfect Circle.

January 25th- "Swell, she made up for everyone else, happy and horriblely well.... the girl with her soul on the shelf. She's doin' Swell."- Swell, Angie Aparo.

January 17th- "Hooked back up to the cathode ray, I'm better off dead..." Prove Yourself, Radiohead.

January 15th- "You've got such a pretty smile, it's a shame the things you hide behind it."- I Know, Jude.

Jaunary 9th- "I had my time to brood, but never had the courage I was never in the mood."- Jude, Homerun Hilary.

Jaunary 7th- "Here I am just exspecting alittle to much from the wounded." Three Libras, A Perfect Circle

January 5th- "God is an American."- I'm Afraid of Americans, David Bowie.

January 1st (2003 from here on)- "I want to be someone else or I'll explode."- Talk Show Host, Radiohead.

December 24th- "All the sidewalk angels echo halljula."- New York City Christmas, Rob Thomas

December 22nd- "Wreckage is clearing the reminisce all fade away no one understands it, the trimmers go on unexplained."- Dust, The Faint with Bright Eyes.

December 19th- "This many lost but tell me who has won?" Sunday Bloody Sunday, U2.

December 17th- "Now I've fallen in deep, so silent sleep, it's killing me, I'm dieing." The Shining, Badly Drawn Boy.

December 14th- "When loveing comes we've allready gone." Sulk, Radiohead.

November 24th- "I wonder, when I sing along with you if everything could ever feel this real forever, if anything could ever feel this good again. Only thing I'll ever ask of you, you gotta promise not to stop when I say when."- Everlong, Foo Fighters.

November 20th- "Baby when all your love is gone, who will save me from all I stand agaist out in this world? Maybe you'll find something to keep you but if the bright lights don't recives you please just turn yourself around and come on home."- Bright Lights, Matchbox Twenty.

November 14th- "Sunrise to a sunset you're hopefull then you regert..." Sunrise Sunset, Bright Eyes.

November 10th- "Tell me all your thoughts on god, because I'd really like to meet her, and ask her where and who we are?" - Counting Blue Cars, Dishwalla.

November 5th- "I'm running out of reason's to care about the other half, I think my half wants a little more pride. I'm running out of reason's for careing sometimes I can't think of one. I'm running out of faces, that I can call formillar. Hey man I'm running out of friends that I can call at all. How long have I been sleeping? Why the hell am I awake? It seems just to stand here is overkill. If I bend in futher I swear that I'll break and I think you should just let me. Some people, some people get lonely. Some people they just get older and scared of alittle pain. Yeah and we people, we cause a comotion... we didn't mean to be confused we didn't mean to be alive and we don't want to be standing here. Well, how long have we been sleeping? Why the hell are we awake? It seems just to stand here is overkill well if I bend any futher I swear that I'll break. But we ask and we burn what we hear on the water. We speak, and we burn what we say. But if you hold the rain.... it's just alittle further. And I don't want to scare you. Don't be unhappy. This is not long song. No, this is not a love. "- This is not a Love Song, Tabitha's Secret. (Yes, this is more of a song of the day)

November 2nd- "Come in my cave, and I'll burn your house away."- Cave, Muse.

October 31st- "Please don't change, please don't break. The only thing that seems to work at all is you, so please don't change at all for me."- Real World, Matchbox twenty

October 26th- "There's got to be something better than in the middle."- One Headlight, Wallflowers.

October 25th- "We never, ever lie. From five in the morning we are honest 'till nine. We are satistfide from Monday to Friday and on Sunday we cry."- Solitair, The Notwist.

October 23rd- "How can the world want me to change? They're the one's that stay the same." - I'm still here, Johny Rezenik

October 22nd- "Forgetting all I'm lacking, completely incomplete." Hanging by a Moment, Lifehouse.

October 18th- "You write such pretty words, but life's not a story book. Love's just an excuse to get hurt. Do you like to hurt? Then hurt me."- Lover I Don't Have to Love, Bright Eyes.

October 13th- "Please give me drections I think I just caved in, and I don't feel nothing."- Kody, Matchbox Twenty.

October 11th- "Here we belong, fighting for survivle in a world with the darkest power." Princes, Queen.

October 9th- "Stay with me. Were we go is up to you." Starla, Smashing Pumpkins.

October 4th- "Inside you're head no one's there, and I don't think I'll ever be. And I don't care." Naked, Goo Goo Dolls.

Sept 29th- " You're the color, you're the movement and the spin, never couldn't stay with me the whole day long." Consquence, The Notwist.

Sept 27th- "I go along, just because I'm lazy. I go along to be with you." Luna, Smashing Pumpkins.

Sept 24th- "So you'll always have you're time to shine, even in the winter of you darkest hour." Every Shineing Time You Arrive, Sunny Day Real Estate.

Sept 16th- "We ask and we burn what we hear, on the water. We speak, and we burn what we say. But if you hold the rain, it's just alittle further...." - This is Not a Love Song, Tabitha's secert.

Sept 13th- "Fool enought to not quite see it, cool enought to always be it, doomed. Pack a pocket full of sorrow, and run away with me tommrow, June."- The Smashing Pumpkins.

Sept 11th- "I dream to heal your wounds, but I bleed myself."- In circles, Sunny Day Real Estate.

Sept 10th- "She says that love is for fools who fall behind, and I'm somewhere between,I never really know a killer from a savor... and I break at the bend."- Shimmer, Fuel.

Sept 9th- "If you've never heard that silence it's a God awful sound."- Kody, matchbox twenty

Sept 6th- "Are you wasteing away in your skin? Are you missing the love of your, drifting and floating and fadeing away..." Porcelain, Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

September 3rd- "I'm so terrified of no one else but me, and I'm here all the time... I won't go away." Long day, Matchbox Twenty.

August 29th- "It's understood that Hollywood sells califoniacation."- Californiacation, Red Hot Chilli Peppers

August 26th- "Hate to talk like this, hate to worry 'cause if there's something then I can't stay."- Keep Myself Awake, Black Lab.

August 22ed- "Then you can be the remedy and I can be the enemy and can live as nothing"- The Remedy, Abandon Pools.

August 21st- "Say after me, it's not better to be safe than sorry."- Take on me, Aha

August 19th- "And though you, wore a smile the musles that you flex to much look tired after awhile, and you always forced your style."- Homerun Hilary, Jude.

August 15th- "We live in a wheel were everyone steals but when we rise it's like strewberry fields."- Glycerine, Bush

August 14th- "My love, such a sweet thing, what a beautiful feeling, Crimson and clover.... over and over."-Crimson and Clover, Tommy Jones and the Salons (sp?).

August 12th- "The years burn."- Disarm, Smashing Pumpkins

August 10th- "Softly surrender to the worst part of these winters, that we've made."- Bed of Lies, Matchbox Twenty

August 4th- "The moon is out, the stars invite, I think I'll leave tonight."- Rocket, Smashing Pumpkins

Augest 3rd- "Inside your head, no one's there, and I don't think I'll ever be, and I don't care."- Naked, Goo Goo Dolls.

July 30th- "Come down, and waste away with me."-Everlong, Foo Fighters. (quite possible the best song in the world, and defiantly the best love related song in the world)

July 27th- "Wish everyone took my advice: I wish everyone was really nice."- Nice, Thisway

July 24th- "I skipped the part about love, it seemed to silly, to love..." Low, REM

July 23rd- "Because in turth, it's the begining of nothing and nothing has changed."- Sunday, David Bowie

July 20th- "We are the normal, we live and we die, with no reason why."- We are the Normal, The Goo Goo Dolls

July 17th- "I want to change everything, Every shining time you arrive."- Every Shineing Time You Arrive, Sunny Day Real Estate

July 15th- "Is there a cure amoung us?"- Run, Collective Soul

July 9th- "You turn me on, because you're so sick and thin. Do you remember where you were when things were heavy? So go."- Heavy, Matchbox Twenty.