Jason X

The Story-It was a half day. A half day on a Friday. A half day on Friday the 13th. Unable to allow the occasion go by unnoticed Fitz decided we should watch the most recent Friday the 13th movie. That's right, Jason X. At the end of the school day we made our way to his car. We arrived at his house and I innocently waited in his basement talking to the dog while Fitz showered. I should have known what I was in store for. Fitz came downstairs and, smirking, popped in the tape. Then it began, that's right. Jason X.... Jason in space. The movie started with the average "oh no, don't try moving the deadly criminal he might get out" smart doctor (who happened to be a sexy teenager looking woman) vs. "no we must study him and take him out of his chains" stupid doctor (who died). A battle went down and Jason got lose ... however smart teeny~bopper doctor managed to freeze Jason. Somehow, however freezing herself too. Then the cheesy space seen appears and we see "year 2549." I was mortified as a group of 'students' discored Jason and the teeny-bopper doctor. Then horrified as the movie got worse and worse, filling itself with an unlimited amount of corny lines. I was speechless for a good minute after the movie ended. The bright side: Apparently if you are mass murder the Newton's laws, and the laws of time, gravity and space do not apply to you.

The Plot: Students attempting to study the killer they find frozen in an abandon spaceship get slaughtered one by one when the body comes back to life!!!!

Rateing: 3, the movie was defiantly so bad it was good. I gave it to Fitz on DVD for Christmas.