The Evil Dead

The story: After babysitting for a rather long period, then getting into one of those all-to-common pointless fights with my mother I did not know that the day could possible get worse. My friend Fitz (also torutred threw Legend of the Crystal Coconuts) was due over innocently intending to watch a movie. A movie he made the mistake of picking out. The Evil Dead. What a bad movie! We had heard this movie was so bad it was good and hey, it DID have the same drector as the smash-hit Spiderman. However, no. No my friends we were wrong. Althought it DID have the same drector as spider man it was no so bad it was good. It was so bad it went rigth past being good and straight into just being bad again. We sat there in horror once the movie was over. Our minds both wondering why and how there were another two Evil Dead Movies. We tried to get up and move but our brains had been deactivated by the intense stupidity of the movie. Oh, what shame what shame. The only brightside of this movie is quite possible the fact that after seeing someone be raped by a tree and therfore turn into a deamon.... Coconuts don't seem so bad.

The plot: Five colloge aged kids rent a crappy cheep old cabin for the weekend. These campers include two couples and one random girl (the producers of this movie porbaly did not have enought money to hire an actor to play her boyfriend). After reading from the book of the dead which they manage to find in there basement, the one random girl is raped by a tree and therefore turns into a deamon and trys to kill all her friends. At some point in time all the girls become deamons and the other guy is killed. Sadly, one man lives on for a sequill.

Rateing: Ten.