December 24th- Happy early Christmas. I figured I would update one last time before the full blown holiday spirt (which consists of my family screaming at eachother and SOMEONE crying every year) sets in over here and I get to busy. I changed the lay out for my site incase you did not notice. I believe I liked "Is there life on mars" better but it was time for a change. The new quote at the bottom is from a U2 song. Electic storm.... what a good song. I am not sure why but I really like that song. Okay well, Happy bloody Holidays.

December 22nd- Ah break is finally here. It hasn't been to awful so far either. Yesterday Amber and I went down to the City to see Ian and we all went shopping for christmas. Then we all went to our seperate homes and I showerd and sat infront of my compture awhile. Then Amber called and was like "you know what I am bored still so want to do something again?" and I was like "sure" so she came over and watched laybrith becasue she has never seen it. Today I went to see the st. lousie orcestra. It was very pleasent, after than Fitz came over and I made him watch A Crack in the Floor. He did not share Adam, Franz, Jamie, Pokey and I's sick love for it however. Then we watched Robocop and part of the SUNDAY NIGHT SEX SHOW. What a great show. I wish I could be just like Sue when I grow up. Okay, well. G'night.

December 19th- Chemisty bloody Chemisty. I do not like that class at all. I wonder if Mr. Becker really is a Midget.

December 17th- Play try outs were today. I'll probaly get in because less people tried out for the play than the amounts of parts there were. Adam and I allready started mocking the script. This is all I have to say I guess. G'night.

December 14th- My it has been awhile since I updated. Mmmm. Well, I have reached new levels of laziness these past few weeks which are not all that interesting to read about I supose. Yesterday (Friday) was a half day AND friday the 13th. In honer of the occasion Fitz and I watched Jason X. I turely must make a masocistic movie review on that as well as what my sister and I watched later that night. Monkey Bone.... oh the shame. I have been downloading lots of music lately. Everyone should download the song "Dust" by The Faint and Bright Eyes. You should all also download the acoustic version of Sunday Blood Sunday (U2) and Long Day (Matchbox Twenty). Excellent things there. Oh, we got a new car yesterday. This is exciteing but it also is awful because it means the puge mobiel is dead. Yes Adam, it's gone. So is the old little white car that used to always stall in the middle of the street while Jamie was driveing. I have a drivers ed lesson at one today, mmm. Well this is all I have to say.