Day~to~Day Nothing

Day~to~Day Nothing

September 28th- New pictures. Check them out. I really really like the picture of Rob and I on the way to Marty's dance Freshmen year because my postion is movie-star like. hehe. okay bye.

September 27th (again)- If there was a hate deamon I bet people would be much more careful with what they hated. Everyone should be more carefull with what they hate. I mean, even if there isn't a hate monster, it is still evil. I do not hate anyone, but I should try to be easier on people. Everyone should go easier on people, what's so bad about giving somewhat a second chance? Even more so, what's so bad about giving someone a first chance? To many people never give anyone any chances.

September 27th- I had this really wierd dream. I was at the greentree fair with Fitz and this other couple (who were dating two years ago when I was in To Kill A Mocking Bird with them but defentlay arn't anymore) and everything was fine and dandy. Fitz was playing this game were you tried to throw apple sause at this manakin, and I was talking to the games guy about wether or not he liked the greentree. Then all of a sudden I hear lots of screaming and stuff. So, Fitz and I and this other couple are running around trying to find out what heck is going on and we see this monster (who really looks like this boy in my PE class only eviler) attacking everyone. So it see's us and starts chaseing us, and we start running. As we're running Sheri appears with and it was like she was there all along (this happens in my dreams sometimes). So Sheri starts explaining to us what this monster is. She says "It's a hate monster, like Luke had to battle in the bible (???)! Whenever there is an area with enought condenced hate he appears!" So after that the monster stopped chaseing us for awhile and we hide behind this tree or something. So, then I see this kid named Kevin who was in my US history class last year drownding in the lake. So I'm like "oh no! Kevin!" and I start running toward the lake to save him, but as soon as I jump into the lake it starts sucking me down. I looked around and realized there was this giant pipe pulling both Kevin and I toward it. At that point Fitz has gotten there and keeps screaming "Stay away from the pipe!!!!" I keep going "I'm trying help help!". After awhile Kevin gets sucked into the pipe but Fitz manages to throw a rope out to me and pull me out. So, then the pipe turns into the monster and starts chaseing us again. We ran until Fitz triped and I stopped to help him up and he was all noblely like "Just go I sprained my achle I can't run anymore" and the other couple, Sheir and I were just like "No, We're not leaving you." So, then all of a sudden the monster gets to us and we're all hugging and ready to die and then he just stops. So we're all like "rrr... what's going on?" and we're looking around and we are the only people left so it's not like he could have seen something else he wanted more. Then Sheri goes "Of corse. He can't attack us because we're not hateing all we have to do is get along and he can't hurt us." then the monster was all like "That is right. As long as you neglect to hate I cannot harm you, but, the human race has hatred in it's blood. They hate their teachers, their parents, there bothers and sisters. The stupidity and aragance of being human keeps them from seeing that in all there hatred the only one's they are hurting is themselves. You people feed of eachother's hate and create more hate. You take the race of your hate and use it to cut down the rain forest... spreading hate to the trees and animals. You are human, and therefour you hate. You might be able to love eachother now in this minute. You might be able to love eachother long enought to get to your cars and drive home. You might be able to love eachother long enought to forget about me. I will have you in the end thought, for even if you make it your whole life without so much as dislikeing..... your neighbor's will hate you for it. In the end I will eat you alive." Then he just disappeard. It was a really scary dream to me, I don't know why. It was a lot better than the way I explained it here. I think I might try to make a short story out of it. I mean, do you think it's worth it? If there where a hate monster most of us would have been long killed by it.

September 24th- Does anyone read this anyway?

September 23rd- So, like I keep doing this thing were I pass out like several times a day. It's only for a few seconds sometimes I'm able to caught myself before I hit the ground but man it's scary. Like I used to do it every once in awhile but now it's like all the time, and I've been getting these violent headachs. So, I'm starting to get alittle worried. I'm going to see a docter about it tommrow and I'm tottaly stoked because it means I'll probaly get to have a kat-scan. My friend Gary had a kat-scan once and he sat up while the bar was going over him and re-smashed his head. I will be sure not to do that. Anyone know what could cause passing out and headachs? Other things you should know: The play is comeing up. October 9,10 and 11th come see it, I'm the gaurd that goes "Whoop!". My PE teacher has started being nice to me and it's scary. And rrr.... rrr.... Fitz and I have been dating 10 months which is really cool. Very exciting eh?

Semptember 22nd- I want to not be awake. Like the new layout?

Semptember 21st- I'm getting better about updateing so you can all (all three and a half of you) can start checking this site again to get your Langen-quota. So this weekend was really awsome friday was a half day and Fitz and I went out to lunch then I went to work for awhile then, I came home and changed and Fitz picked me up and we hung out awhile and watched Office Space. Which, I recommend. Then, Saturday Fitz and I got up early (at like 8) and went gaurage-sale hoping. I got a free (FREE) record player (WITH SPEAKERS) and a "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish" shirt (50 cents), and a game of battle ship (1$) and and and this Ghoulies poster that has this monster crawling out of the toliet on it and says "They'll get you in the end" (2$, but dude it's awsome). Fitz got some records and stuff and then we went out to Breakfast as Spencers. Man, we're tottaly turning into an old married couple. Then Fitz went home and Hilary and I went to barns and noble and she bought books and food and owes me 6 dollers and 10 cents. We had fun. Then I came home and sat around for awhile and Fitz came over and we went to Trent's party for alittle while and then came back to my house and hung out. It was very exciting. Today Fitz and I are going to go to the Free Cave-in Concerte at Vintage Vynle (sp?). Yep. Good weekend.

September 18th-

Top Ten Things Langen Doesn't Understand:

1) People who think it should be legal for us to carry guns.... AND HIDE THEM!

2) People who fall inlove with every girl/boy they meet then change themselves to be what that person wants and/or blow off everyone else for that person.

3) The fact that "America Online" calls itself "The World Wide Wow" because, GODDAMNIT AMERICA IS NOT THE WHOLE WORLD!

4) Bad Hygene.

5) A certain girl who looks like a log and is mean to everyone who's not male and cares about no one but herself.

6) Emo Kids, you know. The kind that are so emo that they cry when they are happy because they miss there tears.

7) Math.

8) People who abuse thier horns.

9) my disoriginazation.

10) People who like the Gin Blossoms. Yesh.

Top Ten List of Things Langen Understands:

1) Hugs, Love and Snuggling.

2) English

3) People who think it is a very good idea NOT to let people have guns AND HIDE THEM.

4) Icecream and organic pizza tosties.

5) People who brush there teeth lots and lots.

6) Being very observant.

7) Notes, snailmail, guestbooked, e-mail and passed alike. I love it when I get notes.

8) People who have a safe haven that's clean.

9) People who are mean to other people to feel better about themselves.

10) Good lyrics.

And there is my list. Look for me, in the Maricmac Montogis because they might quote me in it. For anyone who misses me online I am sorry, I am competely onlined out and will only be on and off line for the next few days. Over and out.

We Don't Want to Remember Because We Forgot- It is headlineing news that Ben and Jen have split. It is headlineing news that Hilary Duff will live out, even without Lizzi Mcguair. It is headlineing news what TV shows are up next, and we don't care. We just read the news while our minds do nothing active exsept decay into California dreams and patroitc colors. We debate carefully about wether or not Brintey Spears in a virgin. We carefully chatter about what happend on Friends last night. Then we turn on our head phones and don't say anything at all exsept lip-read words of 'pardon me' or "pass the remote". And we don't care. The radio plays sweet love songs. The radio plays dirty sex songs. The radio plays and we never turn it off. We don't care because we don't remember how to care. It started out much simpler than that of corse. At first we we were just afriad to care. We still did care we just put it in boxs and marked it "do not open until christmas". The when christmas came we were having to much fun and it just became easier not to care. After post-poneing our tears long enought we forgot them and feeling the guilt of a carefree life took up worrying about the wether and the cable-shows. We forgot how to care. We don't want to remember anything we lost and even if we did we couldn't. We couldn't.

September 14th- I missss Jamie. This weekend was the greentree, I was in the pradard saturday then, right after the parade I started working at the drama booth and/or GSA booth. I worked until about 5 but that was okay because there kept turning out to be more than enought people so I got like a million breaks. A couple of people either stopped by to viste it me or ran in into me by chance and that was nice. Jeffrey was one of them and that was good because he is the coolest person in the whole world. Anyway, at five Fitz picked me up from the greentree and we went cd shopping and he bought me an Aphex Twin cd with was really really nice of him and then we rented Half Baked (that's the marajia one right?) and it was really awful. I'm never trusting Rob's word again. Ever. Even if he tells me to move because a big van is about to hit me. I'll just be like "yeah, whatever. I'm not takeing your word because you told me Half baked (corrected) was a really good moive" then the van will hit me and it will all be Rob's fault for loseing my trust by telling me Half Baked (corrected) was a good movie.

September 7th- Oh man, so today Val and I drove around pulling things out of the trash that we thought would make good noises for my band (which she might be in). We also warned around aimlessly, got coffee, went to goodwill and found some sidewalk chalk. We are going to play with it at lunch tommrow. Mmmm, the rest of the weekend. Fitz and I went to the Loop saturday and I finally got the Sondre Lerche cd... which is awsome. Then we ran into Hilary and so she had dinner with us. Friday I did alot of homework and hung out with Fitz. That was my weekend in reverse.

September 5th- Rehursal started this week, along with many other drama related events. But that is not what I am most excited about. Anyway, so I got this idea to start a band useing mostly 'found sounds' like makeing music out of everyday noise. So I took out an ad on STL punk and have actually gotten some go responces to it. I'm hopeing something will actually shape out of it. The only problem is the guy who's house we'd be praticing at lives all the way out in bumblefuck (Festus). I do not mind driving out there, I'm just not sure how hot my mom is going to be with be being like "Rrr... yeah, so I'm going to start driving out to Festus every weekend now. It's only half an hour of highways you don't really care do you?" I don't know. I think is has a real shot of working out though.

September 1st- Okay, yeah so I really suck at updateing.... but look I am updateing now. Anyway, this weekend is a three day weekend. Which was really nice. My family doesn't get back until next weekend. It is nice having the hosue to myself. Anyway, so it has become my new goal to start a band that uses things like sweeping and leaves crumbling and everyday noises to make music. I think that would be really fun. Myy compture is so fast....... aw. I love it. Okay, yes... rrr.... this weekend Fitz and I went to see this drum show at the Japaness Festival in Shaw's Garden. It was very cool. Hilary, Ian, Amber and I also hung out for awhile which was fun. Then a bug crawled up Hilary's pants so I took her home because she did not like to be molested. Espially by a bug. Mmm. Friday Ellen, Erin, Billy, Fitz and I hung out. We watched Super Troopers which had it's funny monents but was over all kind of stupid. Anyway. I am going to go to sleep now. Again. G'day.

You are Sir Didymus!!  A Fearless and valiant warrior who will fight to the death if you feel strongly enough about it.  Your friends rate you very highly and so they should because you
You are Sir Didymus!! A Fearless and valiant
warrior who will fight to the death if you feel
strongly enough about it. Your friends rate
you very highly and so they should because you
are a loyal and wonderful person.

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Aug 24th- Argh. My e-mail "" Sorry, I'm a dirty liar. Guess what tonight is guys? Guess! Guess! That's right. The Radiohead show.

Aug 23rd- Wow. I have not updated in almost a month, don't worry however I am back. We just got a cable connection so my computer is really really really fast, and if I want to I can leave it on all day. Yeah. That's right. Anyway, much has happend but I do not really feel like writeing that much right now. My new e-mail adress is My screenname is SixteenStrangers. So yes. bye.