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Bandung Institute of Technology

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Here I will explain my list of publications. You can download these files whenever you want to know about me and the program I ever made.

bulletShort paper of Seminar
bulletThis paper includes short explanations about speech coding with MPEG-4 Audio HVXC standard. But this paper only with Indonesian language. Short paper of seminar made as requirement to pass EL-400 Vacation Training and Seminar, one of lectures in my university.
bulletCurriculum Vitae
bulletThis CV includes my personal details, educations, organizational activities, computer skills, other skills and interests, committee experiences, training and certifications, and working experiences.
bulletEternal Calendar
bulletI write this program with C/C++ programming language. In this program, I had include mouse reading so you can easily click on the menus. This program contains menus as search calendar, character, zodiac, and portend partner. Search calendar use to know calendar whatever year input given. Character use to know how character someone saw from birthday. Zodiac use to know how your zodiac. And the last is portend partner, use to know how matching you and your partner. All data in this program take from Balinese calendar wrote by I Made Bidja.

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