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Bandung Institute of Technology
Welcome to my Homepage

About Me
Cute Animals
Photo Gallery
About Life


Welcome to my Homepage!

Hello, my name is Santo. Thank you to visit my home page. This home page contents everything about me, my interests, my favorites, my photo gallery, my list of the publications, and etc.


Cute Animals

Below are my publications that you can download if you like:
bulletShort paper of Seminar (.pdf)
bulletCurriculum Vitae (.doc)
bulletBalinese Calendar (.exe) 
bulletAll my homepage! (.zip) 
Here, some cute animals (especially dogs) from my collections:
bulletAdisti's dogs
bulletCute brothers
bulletSnow dogs

Photo Album


Look at my new online photo album filled with pictures from my photos, my father, me and my uncle, and my dogs. Do you have no boy/girlfriends because you can't be so romantic or you want to be more romantic to your boy/girlfriends? So, you should know how to say "I Love You" in different languages :)
bulletSay "I Love You" in different languages

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