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Bandung Institute of Technology
Cute Animals

About Me
Cute Animals
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Cute Dogs:

Adisti's dogs Cute Brothers Swimming dog Gentle dog
Honeymoon Let's run! Lover dogs Playing water
Run! run! Sleepy dog Snow dogs White dog

Life Story of Prof. Monkey:

Whe I was kid, everything so easy. I spent my childhood with my brother playing and jumping in the trees. My parents always take care of me and my brother.

After I had graduated from High School, I went to Bandung, accepted in ITB. Electrical Eng. mayor in Telecommunication seem challenging to me.

I was thinking what will I choose after S1. Get a job or continue to S2 and S3. But, my principle is "Don't stop to learn and don't ever give up". (hehe)

Finally, after a long years I become Professor. Now what's next? Girl? How can I forget it?! It's too late to add my principle "Don't forget to get girlfriend". :(

Cute Animals (else):

Sleepy cat Cat in the hat Kiss me, Honey Together
Help me! I'm come back! So tired I still alone
Oh, I'm fall down Brmm..brmm.. Dishonest Shinchan



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