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Welcome! To My UO website....currently its pretty boring....but that is because it is completely new. I will be adding rares locations, information on people, tips on dressing, and MUCH more! I would REALLY like you to send me stuff, send me screenshots, storys, tips on dressing your character or any other info you have about UO. Also, if you have any questions or comments about what the site will be about or if there is something else you would like to know if it will have.....feel free to e-mail me. Now that I'm on my way to a great UO site. If people keep comiing here, the site will grow more popular, which will incourage me to get more work done on it hehe. So keep coming back to the site to check for updates. The site is coming up slowly, but hey, atleast its getting bigger right? Bookmark the site and come back! Thanks!


BTW: check out the banner to the right. It's a revolving banner. The banners on it are different with every person. Anyways, check it out though.

UPDATES <4-22-02> Alright, we have now set up a PvP Tips page, which has relatively nothing on it, but it will be updated...slowly, we have many other pages to work on. keep checking up on the site to see how we are progressing.
















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