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Links to other websites

Websites related to chimpanzees:


Websites related to gorillas:


French website about gorillas

Italian website about gorillas


Websites related to orangutans:


Discovery Online: Organutans


Websites related to Dian Fossey:


Biography of Dian Fossey on the website of Chatham College

Long biography of Dian Fossey by Eric W. Codak

German biography of Dian Fossey

A tribute to Dian Fossey (German website)

Spanish biography of Dian Fossey

Websites related to Biruté Galdikas:


Letter from Biruté Galdikas - British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Great Canadian Scientists: Biruté Galdikas


Websites related to Jane Goodall:

Short biography of Jane Goodall (Celebrity Booking Agency )

Famous Faces: Jane Goodall (National Geographic Society)

Article about Jane Goodall and Reason For Hope (

Article "The Magic I Knew as a Child" by Jane Goodall

Scientific American Frontiers: Jane Goodall

Brilliant Careers: Jane Goodall (



Websites related to Louis Leakey:


Biography of Louis Leakey

Louis Leakey biography from The Talk.Origins Archive

Biography of Louis Leakey

Louis Leakey: Discovering the Secrets of Humankind's Past

German biography of Louis Leakey

People And Discoveries: The Leakey Family (PBS Online)

The Human Origins Program at  the Smithsonian Institution



Websites related to George Schaller:


Biography of George Schaller

Howling Skies, Empty Spaces, article by George Schaller (NWF)

The world according to George Schaller