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PRIDE Club's Party Page!!!

Thats right! it is that crrrreeeepy time again!!!Time for Holly's Halloween party!

Welcome to the PRIDE Club Events and Partys page. Bookmark it because it's going to change with each new event!!

Read up on this year's up coming events!

more to come, keep checking in!!

Come in costume, there will be a contest!

There will be ghoulish prizes

Alright minions heres the dirt:

bring: yourself (alive or not, whatever),

your costume (please no birthday suites)



entertainment (music, scary movies.)

Hope to see you there!

so RSVP to my e-mail (found below) and I will send you directions and more information.(please include where you will be coming from!)

IF YOU DO NOT RSVP!!!!! YOU CAN NOT EAT!!!! ::ahem:: if you are RSVPing for more then one person. . .or you want to bring someone. . .thats fine but e-mail me, NOT THE WHOLE GROUP!!!!. and please don't show up with eight people, my house is humble. (ALSO: CHECK OUT THE PICTURES FROM LAST YEAR'S PARTY BELOW. . .)

So, I'll expect creepy e-mails from all of you soon!!

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