Jeff Buckley
Everybody Here Wants You
BBC Four Documentary
352 x 288 MPEG-1, PAL VCD
58:29 min.

Jimmy Page, Brad Pitt and Chrissie Hynde are among the contributors
to this one-off documentary that looks at the talented singer
and songwriter Jeff Buckley who drowned five years ago aged 30.

The film explores what shaped Jeff Buckley, what he might
have become and his personal and musical legacy.

Jeff's mom Mary Guibert talks about the son she loved and
lost and to whose memory she has dedicated herself, and
ex-Cocteau Twins singer Elizabeth Fraser talks openly for
the first time about her intense, personal relationship with Jeff.

As well as stunning live performance footage the programme
uncovers more intimate footage too, often shot by friends -
Jeff's early forays in rock and metal bands, behind the
scenes on the Grace tour and avant-garde art performances.