Brant Bjork & the Bros,
July 17th 2005,
Bad Bonn,
Dźdingen, Switzerland

Bad Bonn is the name of the venue,
NOT a place in Germany ;-)

Taped by usbdevice (

Lineage: AKG C414EB & Neumann KM84i (MS-Stereo) > MOTU 828MKII > Apple Pismo Laptop (software used: "Audio In") > ProTools > AIFF > xACT > flac

I had to do some eq-ing as there was way too much low end.
The drums are a bit low in the mix, nothing I could do about that though.
Complete show, unedited except for the fades at the start and end.

Total playing time: 157m45s
Will fit onto 2 80min CDs without editing:

CD1 tracks 1-10,
CD2 tracks 11-21

1. Automatic Fantastic
2. '73
3. Gonna Make The Pony Trot
4. Gonna Make The Scene
5. Rock-N-Rol'e
6. The Ultimate Kickback
7. Too Many Chiefs...Not Enough Indians
8. The Knife
9. Inside Of You
10. I Miss My Chick/Sunshine Of Your Love
11. Low Desert Punk
12. Adelante
13. Let The Truth Be Known
14. (short break)
15. Cobra Jab
16. Lil' Bro
17. Dylan's Fantasy
18. Hydraulicks
19. (encore break)
20. Ghettoblaster
21. Captain Lovestar

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