A Perfect Circle


Providence, RI

@ Performing Arts Center

Source: Core Sound High End Binaurals > Battery Box > Oade mod SBM-1 (line in) > Sony PCM-M1

Position: FOB, left stack

Transfer: Sony 59ES > slight eq'ing for HF > Sony CDR-W33 burner (analog in)

My copy: 1st gen from master


notes: Opening gig by "Year of the rabbit" included on disc 2


Disc 1 (69:25):

01. Intro , The vanishing

02. Pet

03. The hollow

04. Magdalena

05. Weak and powerless

06. Orested

07. Blue

08. Thinking of you

09. The package

10. 3 libras

11. The nurse who loved me (w/Ken Andrews)

12. Fred's got slacks

13. Gravity

14. The outsider


Disc 2 (47:14):

01. The noose

02. Judith

03. - P.A. -



Year of the rabbit:

04. Intro tape

05. I wanna be adored

06. "The new song"

07. River

08. Lie down

09. Strange eyes

10. Last defense

11. Vaporize

12. - P.A. -




GREAT (!) recording. Super close-up and clear sound. Bass is perfectly balanced and high ends are very crisp and clear. Wish more tapings would sound like this one, but the taper has put quite a few $ in the equipment. Listening to this show, he obviously knows what he is doing. This show is worth checking out just for the sound quality, but APC's performance is quite strong. I have heard Maynard's voice perform better, but the overall performance is very good. I never really liked the song "The nurse who loved me", but performed together with Ken Andrews (The year of the rabbit and former Failure) it works out very good. One of my favourite songs from the "Thirteen steps" album is the Noose is unfortunately a bit dissapointing live (at least on this performance), but still a nice show I think. I recommend this one.