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School ~ by Lori Yonley

I look around
There is no way out.
Sensitive to every sound;
How my head insists to pound.
If only I could hide or disappear.
If only I was anywhere but here.
Just as a crack grows
When pressure is applied
I begin to leak from all sides.
Afraid, frustrated, cursed
The pressure builds until I burst!


Escape ~ Lori 8/15/01

Drowning in life
Soaking in misery
Wishing to fall asleep
So at least Icould dream beyond this reality.
The days go by.
Feeling just the same
Almost going insane without you
It is a choice to be happy
It is a choice to smile
But at this moment tears are all I chose to compile
I am to blame for the way I feel
But sometimes its so hard to give up and kneel
Humbly taking on His will for my life
So here I am standing
Surely about to fall
Its so strange how I do things that I really don’t want to do at all


Hazy Shame ~Lori Yonely 9/11/01

Pouring in every direction is this call to action.
Eyes are burning and tears come but are they for the right reason?
Forced to call out because of a different blindness
But these eyes have been sightless for years.
The musty, burning smell of devastation fills nostrils
And the heat of it all drives us to our knees.
When the smoke of disaster clears it dissipates with it false pretenses of innocents,
For these Bodies have been diseased by the smoke of evil that slowly yet steadily infiltrated.
Heads hung in sorrow.
But what about shame?
Is it too late to call……..Gods name?

His ways are higher ~Lori (7/20/01)

I scream and shout and cry and try to find a way out, But all is in vain.
Trusting in God, knowing that "His ways are higher," i finally step to the
ledge ready to plunge into the dark abyss called faith. Will He catch me?
Will I survive? Should i step away and hide? No! "His ways are higher," the
whispered words pound through my head and I am unable to escape the peaceful
tone. 1......2......3........I jump.



Unititled ~Pie 11/10/2001

If no one was around would Istill be smiling?
The misconception of happiness floods my thoughts.
People constantly searching for fulfillment in bottomless pits.
And Iclose my eyes and realize that Iplay the same game.
I hope the outside reflects what is within but know that sometimes we all pretend.


Mind wars ~Lori 6/01

Struggling again
My own mind my enemy
Nothing to defend
But you within me
Tied up a prisoner
Myself only to blame
The rest of the world remains the same
But I must change

The walls within me pushing hard to be freed
Freed form the turnkey
But he is me
Suffering form my foolish whims
I turn to Him again
Knowing that only He can break the tie
That holds me down despite my every try
To be released

Foolish girl!
Give up!
Your face in the mud again
You thought you were better
You thought you were smarter
But your place will be taken
By one that works harder
Insufferable girl!
Will you ever learn?
Is there no chance
That change will come?






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