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Slamming down all fears again
Not letting them control my end.
Knowing that through Him I can take a stand to begin

I will not be the same.
Radically I chose to change
Throwing out all doubt, all pain; forgetting names that hold me back.

I kneel,
My tears of fear turn to diamonds of trust.
Black all around me but a fire within me, I finally stand to face the crowd.

They hate me I know
I threaten their very essence
But this brilliant, unfamiliar love in me fades the darkness of their

I am not the same
Radically I have changed
Love I’ve never known fills my heart for people even less familiar

A shrieking cry bursts inside
My heart whales for their souls
I don’t even know them but I do

I was once the same
Radically, through His grace I changed
Remembrance makes my shouts and cries only louder.

~Lori Yonley ( 7/1/01)





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