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Other Friends

If you want to contact any of my friends, just e-mail me and I will ask for their permission...

Christian Nicholas You have a sense of humour of a six year old, but you're an ok person!
Christian Jones A real Cardiff geezer - how's it 'anging!?
Jack Wadley I can see you like Tim off 'The Office' when you're older :-S
Zoe Ponsford Really cool and there for me 101%
Amy Jones Tidy to talk to, I think you're cool and good looking, but very sarcastic!
Rhi Bevan A lil serious at times and very good at speaking your mind! But we've had some good laughs! :-)
Sofi G My lil angel! You're gonna have to pay for my phone bill though, lol! (Sofi's reply - HOW RUDE!)
Marcus Wyatt aka Foxi You're only like the funniest guy in the world. Jonathan Woss wouldn't wanna meet ya!
Ceri Evans You take your time to reply to my texts don't you? But in real life you're great ;-)
Deiniol Fisher Tidy to talk to and we have some things in common
Kristya Palmer Smarter than the average ape, not quite in the human league yet...
Tamara Harding A laugh!
Noel (unsure of surname) If you've been to the moon, he's been there twice...
Craig Thomas A good mate
Jimbob Apart from the fact you support Arsenal & fancy posh (she's a minga f.y.i) I feel I can relate to you - the both of us always get ourselves into these embarrassing situations...HOW!? lol
Rhi Leader Dude your wkd! Can be evil at times and wen u r that can confuse me! But u make up for it by being a nice person to talk to! You do loads of swimin nd i swear you are secretly a mermaid! Mwaha!


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