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North City

01/20/02 ~Begining Note from Kenchi 'Master of Saiyans the new and improved version of Goten's Lookout but of's no longer "Goten's Lookout" but DBAM-Dragonball After Math. This site features things that people are probably not accustom too. Like the fact that we have gotten rid of all of the old Saga's, Characters and, all of the trainers and saga's all come from the imagination of this sites brilliants creators ) and (Kenchi), to join, click on the join page to read about how to do the joining process.

02/17/02Kenchi- Opening Date
I pleased to announce the site is going smoothly and everything will be up in about a please bare with us till then, thank you.

02/17/02 Master Roshi has come to teach!
I'm pleased to announce Master Roshi has come to teach the Kamehameha Wave to anyone who knows Energy Tech and can defeat him in combat.

The Intro- Ever since Gokou left Earth to save it once again by fusing with the Eternal Dragon, Shenlong,and the death of the only other fighter who might have even matched him,Vegeta, things have been peaceful...but then something happened. An outbreak of Red Ribbon Lab Experiments has begun and many strange, deformed creatures have begun ravaging the land. Along with this, sitings os strange, malicious shadows have begun appearing in North City, killing the citizens with just a simple touch. This is when the Master's appeared once again, the 3 warriors that gave stength to Goku and his companions to keep fighting. Kenchi, Master of Saiyans, a powerful saiyan who escaped Vegeta years before it exploded. Zal, Master of Swords, a swordsman of legend and great man, being able to destroy a mountain with a sway of his blade, the 'Grand Stinger'. Raechal, Master of Training, a master of all karate styles and most deadly beauty you'll ever see. These warriors are only 3 people though...they need assistance, whihc is why the strongest fighters in the world have been strangly summoned to this city of North City. Now, you have been choosen and must assist in the elimination of these demons.~Note from kenchi~ The great master Zeal hhas fallen in a battle with darkside his energy has been released into Micheal Shinjuka aand he has become the newest master.


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