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Dragon's Library~ fanfics based on The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan
Kari's Anime Dream~ an awesome anime site!
NotCommon~ A cool site dedicated to the Boston Metal Scene No particular reason, I just thought it was funny. :)
Beth's Site~ A really cool site about stuff!!! :)
Fananime~ another awesome anime site

Thank you for coming to my site if you somehow stumbled across it. I now have two of my stories up. One is called "I" and it is a science fiction short story. The other is a semifictionalized biography of me. I had to write it for school, and thought it was kinda funny so I put it on my site. Also, The first two parts of "A Strange Day in the Life of Me" can be found at It's funny, and if you know anything about anime, you will enjoy it. :) See my happy Snorlax!!! Isn't he cute?!? I love Happy Yay!!!

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