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This is a list of things and people I hate. There's no particular order. After reading this you may wonder if I was talking about you in some of these. More than likely the answer is yes. This I suppose could be offensive, so read at your own will.

People who think they have life all figured out and need to share their advice. No one gives a shit what you think. I personally could give a damn whether you think you've got your life all worked out. And the last thing I need is your preaching about how to live my life. Take your assertiveness and shove it.

People who always act depressed. Boo hoo. My life's so horrible. My girlfriend of a day dumped me and I failed my Biology quiz and this multiple choice homework is taking forever and I only have 20 friends. I'm sure if I gave a shit about how you're feeling, I'd ask. Pull your head out of your ass and stop trying to get pity. You aren't fooling anyone.

Anarchists. These people I perhaps hate the most. "The government sucks". What, because your parents were drug addicts in high school and got stuck in a dead end job and beat you because they drank too much makes it the government's fault? People can't rule themselves. They're too damn stupid. That's why there's been some form of government as long as there's been people. If you want change, move somewhere else, or better yet, drown yourself.

People who need to make a statement with their appearance. Get that damn blue dye out of your hair. Are these people so simple minded that they can't defend their opinions with words? Who sees someone with a ring through their eye and decides that person knows what they're talking about? What is pouring glue in your hair each morning and sticking it straight up proving? You want to be different because everyone else is all the same? Then where did you get the idea to do that? My guess is some shitty punk group because you sure as hell aren't the first to do that. I don't think "Wow, what an individual", I think "Wow, what an ugly piece of trash. Go shoot yourself".

Communists. It's not really the communists I hate as much anymore as the loser teenagers who say they're communists. Communism doesn't work. Communism is a society in which each person receives the same amount of pay and land and housing as everyone else and they're assigned jobs based on their talents. First, who the hell wants to be told what job they're doing? No one. Yet these are typically the same people who complain about lack of freedom. And I'll be damned if I'm going to receive the same pay as Johnny Dumbass. People should be rewarded for their talents, not for being alive. Stupid people don't deserve as much as me. So you go and enjoy your drugs and get your bad grades while I become better than you and you end up making my coffee. Loser.

Overreligious and unreligious people. I don't mind if you pray every day to God, Allah, Buddah, or if you don't believe in anything, but don't go forcing your ideas on me. I hate the people who think their religion makes them better than you, and that you're going to Hell because you don't believe what they do. Bastards. Think they're all high and mighty. Let's see your god stop me from kicking your ass. And then there are the atheists. I don't care if you believe in a god or not, but it's the one's that have to mock everyone who does. You can't mention the word "church" without them making some sort of derrogatory remark on it. In the end I don't give a damn what you believe as long as you don't try and push it on me.

Fat girls who wear small clothing. Ewwww. No one wants to see that. You aren't attractive. Your body disgusts me. If looks don't matter then why are you trying to show them off? It isn't working. I'm quite content with your inner beauty if it exists. There's seriously nothing more awful then a big fat girl walking down the hall in a short skirt and a halter top. Why do they make short skirts in sizes that big? I should find the designer and kick their ass. You need to either diet and work out or else stop eating for a month.

People who make fun of the mentally disabled. What the hell are you trying to prove? These are the same stupid people wasting all of my precious oxygen. Wow, you outsmarted someone who was born with a disability. Great job. That's like me outrunning a paraplegic. I think as a whole we should take everyone who has to torment those people and beat the piss out of them.

Significant Digits. For those of you who don't know, significant digits are instruments constructed by Satan himself to make my life miserable. They go around acting like they're oh so important, making me change my decimal place and ruining my perfectly good answers. I hate siginificant digits and everyone who doesn't. This is a good comparison of how significant digits make me feel. Get yourself a sledge hammer and a friend, and have that friend repeatedly smash you in the stomach with it. When you're done with that, fill a pool with shattered glass and dive into it. That's about what significant digits are.

Vegetarians. Oh, I don't hate all vegetarians, just the ones who have to say how wrong it is to eat meat. Eat or don't eat what you want, it's your loss, but when you go scolding me for enjoying my meal, you've crossed the line. What does it matter if I eat meat? The cow's dead anyway. Me not eating it won't resurrect it. It won't prevent more cows from being killed in the future. Honestly, there's nothing more satisfying to me than the taste of a nice dead animal. What good are they doing for us alive anyway? Nothing. Wasting our oxygen and pooping everywhere. Animals don't deserve to live. We evolved faster, and that gives us eating rights. Hell, if I died in the wild I'd expect me to be eaten by them, in fact I'd encourage it somehow from the afterlife. Next time someone tells me I shouldn't eat meat, I'm going to eat more meat, just to spite them. And I'll order some meat and just let it go to waste to further the effect. Now your precious cow was slaughtered for nothing. And then there are vegetables they make to look like meat. Tofu burgers. If you're so opposed to eating meat, why are you sculpting your food to look and taste like it? Take your lettuce and leave me the hell alone.

The media. The media? How can anyone hate the media? No, I don't hate all the media. I hate the pop culture. Therefore I hate most of the music industry and music television. That's the root of all of these degenerates we have now. Let's use an example. Britney Spears. First of all why anyone would like her music is beyond me, but some 13 year old girls that she was just swell, and that spread unfortunatly like a virus, and much like a virus, it is deadly. Well, not so much deadly as infectious. Her songs and attire convery sex appeal. Gasp! No, that's not the problem. But the problem is that her listeners (i.e. absent minded young girls) decide that's the right thing to do. And when the media says it's okay, that means society says it's okay. So what do we get? We get 13 year olds being pregnant. Is that so wrong? If you answer no please invite yourself to my house to receive a nice boot in the ass from me. Here's why. Girl has baby. Girl can't support baby. So this leaves two options. She can pawn off her parents until she gets a minimum wage job and welfare, or abortion. Oh, abortion is okay. It's the girl's choice. Rot in hell baby killers. Let the baby be born and then kill the parent instead. That way the girl's parents don't have to support two children. And then we have government organizations set up to help these people. Where's that money coming from? Lovely donations by hippees who think these "poor youth" need help? Well, yes, and then also from our pockets. When you take money from me, you've crossed the line. And then we have all these teenagers having children, and increasing the population, thus wasting my food, space, and oxygen. So my solution is instating a law that forbids childbirth under the age of... let's say 18, by penalty of death. Yes, death. Let's start giving back to the Earth. Bodies help the soil. Anyway, it all starts with that stupid pop crap. And we also get halter tops and crap like that too, which is fine, except ugly people wear them, and there in lies the problem. Now there's more "music" than pop out there. We also have the punk, goth, and light rock or soft rock. Let's just catagorize that as people in their 20's who use drugs and yell things. Now we're promoting drugs. And as the signs say in junior high school, drugs are bad. No, I don't care about the harmful effects they have to your body. One less person for me to dislike is the way I see it. But there's impaired judgement. Ooooh. So let's combine some things. Impaired judgement + Drugs + Pop music= Teenage pregnacy. So what can we do to stop this? My solution is kill everyone who uses a word on a list of words I dislike that I'll pretend to have, but that might be cruel to some. So we need our friend, censorship. Yay! Screw you anti-censorship people. These are the same ones listed above. Back in the 50's if you sang about the junk we hear now, you'd be beaten. And beaten severely. We need more public beatings. The populace doesn't know what's good for them. They'd have anarchy if they could, and we've established my opinions on that. That's why I and the few elite people like me have been sent here. To keep the stupid in check. Kind of got off the media thing. Alright. So here's what you need to do to end the mind control of pop culture and you can stop being a degenerate and be more civilized and perfect like me. First, burn all of you pictures, cds, posters, and magazines that are sold specifically to teenagers, have too many colors on them, or suggest anything that denotes having too much fun. If you've ever looked at something on the computer or tv, burn that also, and your house with it. Next, wash your hands, and eyes, with HCl. That will burn away the binds they've placed on you with their songs. And third, replace those things with pictures of me, or write your own music, about how great I am. Then, and only then will you be saved.

Hmmmm.....I know I hate a lot more than that. More to come.

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