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Nick and I in Majak & Me apparel. It's quite obvious by our silver sun glasses that we were extrememly cool at that time.

That would be Dave and Pete. The pictures seems pretty self explanitory.

This is Bill at his best. Notice Nick and him are wearing the same shirt, something they must have planned back in 9th grade. Also note the "leanin' wall" they tally-wag at.

Rick Slye, American Hero.

That is me as a holly berry. The red eye really helps bring out the nature of the picture. (Note: Not great enough to be on the Andrew page)

Mr. Daly and Dave at the dance.

Nick, Alex, and Kevin....doin stuff.

Pete enjoying the pre-dance festivities.

Kevin, pitching a tent.

Yeah. We're at the beach.

Needless to say I was pretty wasted that night.

Yeah, more fun. More wasted.

Bill shows off his refined dance moves

Remember we won that kickball tournament? Oh yeah.

That's Bill at Science Olympiad, Clarkson.

Feel the power.

Feel the pain.

I believe that says Snoogins

A man who needs no introduction.

This is the hotel at West Point for Science Olympiad. Needless to say I was pretty wasted.

Hmmm...yeah. I don't know why the blankets are in the sink, let alone why I was asleep with Eric.


This is pretty typical of my friends.

Check out the hair. Just add me a little mustache and I'm ready to rule Germany.

Anna, being great or something.

Notice how Pete's tight shirt show off his shapely body. Must be why Anna's smiling. I would be.

Does my one hand look red? Must have had blood on my hands that night.

Just chillin with the Fauncinator.

There's about a million of these kinds of pictures.

This pirate my be cool...

But this one totally rules! I mean, really. I got a sword.

Wow. We were totally cool in the day.

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