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Madison LaFollette Key Club

Hi all. This the official page for the LaFollette High School Key Club. Here you can find updates, information, and upcoming events for Key Club members. If you're not a member, there's information about joining ^_^ If there are any questions, please feel free to email me at, or Thanks for checking out the site, and look at the updates page for any information!

Missed a meeting? Check here for what we discussed!
Here's where I write what I've done to change the site, and what you can be looking for in the future!
All the things that don't fit on the calendar, but are really important to know!!
All About Key Club!
This will (hopefully) answer some basic questions about the club ^_^
Tells you what's ahead in the K.C schedule, so you can sign up or figure out details!
LaFollette Homepage!
Its got stuff about school.

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