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Welcome To The HillsDale Bar

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, ditchpigs and everyone else, I have finally got my ass motivated and started a new webpage. I am again going to try to keep this thing updated as much as possible, but that doesn't always happen. As always, we will be taking pictures of regulars at the Bar, while also trying to capture newcomers to the joint. So just come on by, take a seat at the bar, chat with some old friends and meet some new ones, but most importantly, get WaStEd!!!

(P.S. The opening picture took a lot of hard thinking to come up with but I know it speaks for itself)

Well, on to the Pictures

Soon to come, summer pictures....



NEW!!! FlipCup Thursdays!!






If your looking for a Hot date this weekend, check out hot or not by clicking on this link Kurt at Hot or Not

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