in your assumption that I am not innocent you violated my right


you say 'poetic thought' I say 'articulation of your happiness'


***I know from your visitors book that many hundreds of sincere people have welcomed your poetic thoughts, but I can not sanction placing such thoughts on south american newswires in english.


***Too many writers and thinkers (north american in the main) send out their thoughts to all newswires without thinking of the cultural bias inherent in english writing.


again, you assume that I don't see everything objectively, and again I forgive you


***Your poetry would be welcome in many spiritual interest magazines. Indeed even the Big Issue would be happy to carry some of the pieces...were you qualified by any of the homelessness criteria.


***which is one of my problems with you Dave.

You play a character that is false.

I am sure You sleep in a bed.

You have and have had access to resources that belie your privelage.


Now you are just projecting your fear and again violating my right and again I forgive you.


The system does not support love. I am love.

There is no paying taxes with a clear conscience- your problem is not assuming yourself perfect so you have trouble assuming my perfection- this is exactly how pride, in perpetuum, is a violation of love.


By assuming I lie you forsake yourself from truth which is that if you would be responsible for your own happiness you are required to emulate humility unto death... just remember that fear isn't really real and nothing is stronger than love- because when you have love there is no suffering that can be a deterant


you are God


and I totally DO live outside- I get my cardboard stolen by parks workers almost every day--- regardless though- My integrity is not in question- it is enough that a suggestion of love has been made


that's sort of the neat thing about love- is that there is no arguement against it and in knowing that we know that there is no excuse for despair


have much happiness and love


for this IS real


and Heaven is here


and pride IS going bye bye because there is no denying the nature of humility which is to be true


and this IS NOT spam, it's just the biggest thing ever.


***now "to honour honour"

that for me reads like a semantic game an equation based on Levitican notions of family ties.

"thou shalt honour -----".

I wonder as an american do you realise how "honour" has been perverted within your culture?


Honour is the thing that will find soldiers, police and mafiosos quitting their jobs because to be friends with honour one must dedicate themselves to finding it's source (which is love).


and you assume too much again, and I forgive you again.


***How in the words of Leonardo Boff (Brazilian theologian) "the virtue becomes viceful in it´s ignorance".


***I respect your tenacity Dave.

all good activists are tenacious.

we never stop.


I'm God and my contract needs pride gone.


***and I suppose that in this place your posts are spam, but I write under them in anycase, knowing that these words never go unread, even if only the tech list people see them.


again- not spam, just big


***and I have insulted you in many cyber coutries many times, but I apologise for the "I´d punch his teeth in" thing.


not necessary, but accepted


***Americans would probably do much better if they tried to be less american.


Countries aren't real- but, in my pre-knowing, I was Canadian and sometimes my 'shades of pride' reflect that.


***That is the essential weakness of christians like the mormons whom i´ve mentioned above, they become Christian Internationalist Americans or CIA for short, I have oft argued with another accused of spam (Spartacus) about that one.


If I am to be labeled, label me 'love'


***blesséd be!

and think about the other vices.

and virtues.

I am still

iosaf who is o as if

who is smug and terribly terribly clever

a right little svengali

but i´m still very poor.

poor me.

who is ME.



who is me


***Thus to read your "I wish I slept in a bed" post on colombian indymedia the same day that many of us were attempting to find out how many protesters have been shot and how many more were seriously injured by CS gas in Venezuela is angering.


only because you are looking for an excuse to be angry and that it will only be in the embracing of humility can any victim be honoured


***It is most inapropriate.


assumptions built on assumptions--- this is akin to the whole 'building foundations on sand' thing


***now if you wish debate the nature of sin, you relate pride to anger, these are two seperate states of sin.


without pride there can be no sin


***Which is why medieval theology ascribed each one a vice and opposited virtue.


humility is all the religion anyone needs


***I suggest you give serious consideration to the ňpposing virtues and how they could be made "appealing" to modern global readers, becuase you seem intent on reaching a global readership.

Rather like the Mormon activists I happily spiked with hash cookies, in the urge to globalise a american (and I am not anti-american) vision of what is wrong and how it may be fixed, they and I posit you lose much of the strength of your argument.


just always know that pride is 'anti-love'


in love,






who IS you


and you love me