On How Knowledge Of Fate Removes The Ability To Panic




Its like buying a house- a down payment then a mortgage until you finish paying off the rest.


It begins with a bit of a blast, a 'revelation', then, through time, as the revelation is objectified it becomes a practice, and subsequent mastery, of response and recovery.


The 'blast' is a spirit thing- the main thing; all through life, everything that depends on lies has built conditioning and barriers to the reality where lies cannot have hold. The great 'secret', ignored by most and hoarded by some- that there is no such thing as choice and therefore no reason to hate, understanding all action is only the accumulation of history's experience. Which brings the fundamental confidence of being a being that begins to know itself, attaining a level of maturity; understanding ANY horror inflicted is better than having hysterical behaviour as an option we may face the devil AND maintain our sanity.


Then it just becomes a practice to remember why demons are not demons, but 'conditions', and never worthy of hate. Inviting, instead, patience enough to respond with highest regard- forgiving our own frustrations.


One of the 'conditions' people find themselves under, is not wanting to have someone else 'figure out the meaning of life' and then just tell them- so, patience be with us all as we evolve our articulations with lasers of humility. Patience be with us.