Me and Women: the divine highschool geek




I'm a geek and I figured out the one trait that all women, consciously or not, desire in a father for their children... so I get all gushy and shy when pretty women show interest. Because, apparently, I'm not supposed to fall in love with every smart, funny, pretty woman that shows interest... sort of, because I'm on a bit of a monk trip and there is a ridiculous job to do that will only bring tears to anyone unlucky enough to fall in love with me. Oh... the trait is divinity. I love truth most... and I have for a while now. It brings a bright competency.


Well, that's it really. There is more than one woman that I've told that I would conjecture a future with if I am to be successful with this endeavour. Not withstanding the fallout from potentially being alive for the day that the real work is to begin- the nation-wide establishment of tent-cities; not withstanding the karma that would be gained for officiating freedom and the adventure that would be impossible to avoid (re: the cross-Canada tour of tent-cities and the training of peace-keepers qualified to, not only, keep order in a 'wild west'-type environment, but to, as well, have the wherewithal to keep all the spin-doctors at bay); not withstanding, the channeling of said 'karma' towards my daughter and her mother.


The prediction leans towards the fantasy (pending the 'job') of the old house between the river and the ocean. With yellow flowers growing in the middle of the lane leading up to it and a community secure enough to maintain roots. The tendency of thought does go towards the mama and the kid. There is no doubt she's been a source of angst--- she is pretty sometimes and has taken to motherhood like music has taken to dance. We'll see...


Boys and girls are different. Likely all ridiculous conjecture as there seems no chance of escaping this unscathed, let alone breathing.