On Maturity
   The most important thing a person can know is that
courage becomes unlimited when we realize that we can
love unto death (to note: the knowledge of fear being
an illusion becomes concrete, at this point). This
awareness of an infinitive acts as a catalyst in our
individual evolution (which, in turn, acts as a
catalyst for our evolution as a whole… blah blah blah)
by having a double effect: first, we come to know our
imaginings are also an infinitive (we can imagine
anything), and secondly, with the absence of fear, we
can look at all things objectively (without
   As far as ‘ritual de la habituals’ and addictions
that are counter-productive towards the ideal of
goodness go,… well,… the desire to be good fosters a
deduction of weaknesses, and courage fosters strength.

   Thank you. Have good sleeps and kooky dreams.