You are my heart.



   To do you most honour I must most honour the source of honour... does calling attention to my love for you act against honour when I know that there could be no consummation until the responsibility I've chosen is completed- that is, if ever you could reciprocate. My affection blinds me... in part I write so that you have no doubt of my love, which is all---- I have no model to work with with the exception of simply having patience and knowing calmness- I would have a wife if it be allowed, but until love engulfs the world my focus is demanded on the reality of virtue which is my life for love…

   You are me. You are my sister. I beg you please forgive any weakness for I am true and my strength does grow... and who knows what inspiration love will bring next...

in honour and in the patience to endure all calamity and in love most true,