How YOU can help determine the RIGHT TO SLEEP




First and foremost think on patience because the task at hand is monumental. Seemingly, not something that petitions, nor politicians, are going to remedy. The root of the problem lies in the ‘crown’s’ inability to presume innocence (indicated by it’s sanction of ‘across the board’ prohibition).


As it stands, it is illegal to sleep outside on public access properties (there is no such thing as ‘public property’) and anyone who does so faces the indignation of the system of governing that people pay taxes to (it is interesting to note that this system apparently would rather not prosecute those who’re not afraid to be prosecuted. Relying, instead, on tactics of abuse and torture).


After almost a year and a half of campaigning to have the RIGHT TO SLEEP determined (to have a provincial judge acknowledge that a person can sleep and be conscientious simultaneously and therefore make a ruling that on all provincially ‘owned’ public access properties it is lawful to act as a conscientious member of the public may), one conviction and seven breaches later we’ve come to a head. On Sept. 23rd, 2005 in courtroom #202 (BC Provincial courts, Victoria) at 2:00 PM the court will have one last opportunity to prove itself a just body.


Some ideas for what you can do:


-spread the news.

-help by simply showing up at the trial and other ‘like’ events.

-support those who can act where you may not be able to.

-acknowledge the corruption of the ‘crown’ and pull support from it.

-humbly and politely give no authority to the police (not fearing prosecution or death).

-desire justice, meditate on patience and follow your own inspirations.

-and when the tent-cities bloom love them, cause a lot of deluded people are going to hate them and they, sometimes, may seem, very much, like the front lines of a war... thank goodness for patience...


It is good. Have no worry because each of our sanities is dictated to by our acknowledgement of truth (A.K.A. persistent belief in a lie makes one crazy). This is why good always wins. Patience be with us all.


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