‘Judgment Day’


   Pride has been judged unworthy (actually, it's always been against love- it's just apparent now) and, simply, to not give this suggestion due consideration is to act against honour.


   There is no escaping the singularity that is the infinity of existence. There is nothing separate from the everything. You are God and it is only pride that would have one think otherwise. Love is life and there is no death- and no fear- and no anger; to believe there is is insanity.


   Pride forsakes itself- little pieces of love that forget they are love that rot and are forgotten. Like ‘a thief in the night’ truth comes regardless of comfort, but fret not, for in love is the strength and patience to face a routine suddenly devoid of content, and the courage and wisdom to climb from the ruins of a corrupt foundation.


   Love IS real and static beyond what anyone would have it be- and virtue is measured off of it, so take heart in the fact that there is no panic stronger than calmness and that, through calmness, love’s inspiration becomes obvious.


   In trust,




   Who IS you,


   David Arthur Johnston


   Victoria, BC, Canada