The Standard of Time and The Ivanhoe Theory




It begins at dusk

with writhing wrist

the master enters the gate.


Tomorrow brings the teachings

of how the now can move.


Poised and ready

as confident as can be.

If patience sustains itself

in its strength

then their game becomes

to shake the patient


then the game becomes

to be amazed

how easy

it is to love truth

how easy

it is to hold on to patience

so as to be




The 'Devil' is there to test us

teach us...

not to hold us back forever,

only to give us the notion

that we could

be held back

So that we might imagine Hell.

Giving us something to transcend.


The 'Buddha' is a word describing

an ego that recognizes

that they are

the personality

of life,

with no guile;

trusting love.

trusting patience

to teach its wisdoms.

trusting truth

to be the highest reward.


Loving truth it cannot be hidden.


We all have our conditioning

yet the soul of life never changes

and remains forever unceasingly

the only thing

that lives.

No matter what side of town

you were born in.

In 'knowing' the dancing


really fun and hilarious hard work.

Enjoy. Patience.