The truth is it is insane to hate.




The truth is it is insane to hate, because the 'hated' is only a collection of experiences that brought them to do whatever they have done. In general, we find it easier to hate because to truly 'take care of business' requires a dedication that interferes with many life-long desires. It is easier to kill when we hate and we think that to survive we must kill. So we get used to hating... we hate those who threaten the 'sanctity' of all the work of our ancestors, even though our ancestors, themselves, bent to a little lie to survive under the reign of a 'monarchy' that claimed the land and laid waste to the people already there. There is retribution for this lie- the people come to know the truth of hate and then they can't do it any more, even if it means the end of everything capitalist and colonial.


I submit that maybe it doesn't matter if there is an 'alternative' system to go to, maybe we all should rather die, suffering every suffering, before relying on one that is corrupt... then maybe, while we swim backwards away from what we don't want we will turn, and swim towards what we do.