Holy Holy Holy


   I'm good. All the way. Very.


   Although it seems I'm just talking to myself since there is nothing that isn't me.


   So, to the aspects of me that pretend that they are not me: YOU CAN ONLY BE YOUR EXPERIENCE so all things are forgiven- though, may it be a catalyst, LOVE is suggested.


   So, fear really isn't real. You can't die because you are love.


   May you come to know that your children would rather their individual aspects stop vibrating than have you act dishonourably (you act against honour when you ignore the fact that there is nothing unforgivable), because they are God(me) too.


   Most of the time your stubbornness is rooted in an addiction to structure- trust in love- move compassionately knowing that to spend money is to content oneself with ignorance.


   Just because you've spent your entire life learning how to live in an illusion is no excuse to keep ignoring truth and now that you've really really had love suggested to you every time you act against it your bad karma will grow exponentially- may you have a nervous breakdown before you go totally bad crazy--- better not know what's going to happen in the next 5 minutes than have plans of security that ignore your true happiness.


   The exodus from pride is an adventure. However much sadness there is know happiness can only ever be bigger--- there is nothing more intimidating than knowing there is nothing too intimidating.


   Welcome to Heaven. The veil of pride has been lifted and there is excuse no longer.


in calmness, patience, strength and courage,