Good day, all. Much love and patience to life.

It seems people are apprehensive about getting their hopes up. So many times things have looked like they would evolve productively only to have the hope shot down- so we find that we are wary.

To affect on the physical plane the data shared though this forum must be strong and, in a most general way, pertinent. How can this data stream help the real world? That's the question, isn't it?

There is the rule of virtue that deals directly with each of our's sanity- this is where I suggest focus lay. Buried under preconceptions and delusion we are beset upon by insanity and despair- this is why the constant saying of 'patience'. Friends play a vital role in this tramp through Babylon. When we are in the dark our friends can shine for us- helping us through step by step.

So, patience. The world is in an emerging revolution state and the entire basis of the revolution lays in the growing understanding of the 'sin' of pride- simply, pride ignores the fact that our egos are only a portion of our self; that we (our egos) have no reason to be proud because not only did we not invent motion, but we are actually the product of it.

Examine the 'choosing' process with the vigor of someone about to discern the meaning of life (because once you grasp our 'predestined' nature you will understand that there is no need for worry- and with that, everything). The transcendent point- that God invented the devil so the devil must have purpose: to be conquered by forgiveness (and understanding).

Patience is the key to the reality of freedom/'Heaven-on-Earth' because it holds all wisdom- every time the word patience is formulated in your head know that you needed a bit of patience to do so... know that whenever in doubt you can remember patience and that, without having to know anything else, it is enough. Being patient until we die we have all the time in the world to assimilate any data because it doesn't matter if we figure out something or not- so, it's all chill.

There is a war going on, a game in this play, and the major discomfort comes from the unfulfillment of our desires. Desire patience and it will always be there, so may patience be the primary desire so that we don't go mad when our other desires don't happen.

There is an 'action' happening here, in Victoria, BC, Canada. Determining the 'right to sleep' is a catalyst step towards the remembering of freedom ( ). It is going to happen regardless of support, though support is wanted. Imagine a mass biblical scale exodus. Not from one geographical location to another, but from a world long under the delusion of pride to a world of trust and fearlessness. This IS the future. Tent-cities evolving into 'perma-culture ecovillages'. Food planted and growing everywhere. It will be hard (to some degree), probably the hardest thing we ever will go through, though we will not be alone. And making due with what we got we will find we can survive under the reigns of truth; living righteously and happily with the wisdom and blessing of Ja.

in patience (because freedom is here and Babylon is fallen),
in patience (because glory is rightly yours),
in patience (because patience is infinitely huge, annoying, intimidating and world-savingly beautiful),

your friend and brother,

this ego of David Arthur Johnston

Victoria, BC, Canada -

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