Patience is a Miracle


It is an interesting process. Patience seems to be the root of strength. Don't stress and don't despair in anything, just always be a bit more patient, and the way is ALWAYS shown.

Patience IS a miracle.

It has become natural for me to constantly remind myself that patience is good- some people would think saying 'patience is good' 10000 times a day is excessive, though it is the 'norm' that we come to remember.

Love's first name is 'Patience'. I remind myself, right now, that patience is good and I trust that the words written are genuine; their intent greater than any deceived desire of my ego--- I just know that my ego's sanity is dependent on freedom (freedom from fear and worry- knowing whatever will be WILL be)- so may any who read this, find inspiration- apparently that is this letter's intent.

It is real and it is done. Because of what we are true fearlessness is remembered. Have patience because freedom is beautiful and you may just have to consider what 'glory' is.

Truth is truth, regardless of preconception; with a genuine 'want of truth' this becomes obvious. So have patience because you are God.

There is nothing desperate because nothing can stop 'all motion' (A.K.A. You can't die), so fear is not only lazy, it's stupid. Oh my,... freedom is here and it's good.

much beautiful adventure to you all- May as well trust in patience because it's going to do exactly whatever it's going to do, anyway (apparently, it's alive, to some degree)...


David Arthur Johnston

Victoria, BC, Canada