The key to graceful articulation is patience. Let patience be your root and you will be a confident hand of God drawing beauty. Patience has been a wonderful trip lately- I have to remind myself of patience when I meditate on patience because it's huge... and it's not, necessarily, about 'being' patient, it's, simply put, more about remembering that it's good (it's good because you can remember it as often as you need, until you die... though, of course, by that time you will objectively understand that there is no death).

Every every every time you doubt, you can remember patience, and when you remember patience you remember grace. It's like a 'reset' button for our focus. It's the thing that 'saves' the world. It's the thing that brings freedom for everyone. It is very strong because it is made for doubt. When you trust in it it doesn't matter if you don't know anything else or not, as it is absolutely evident because you are feeling it- a surety; an 'absolute' truth. One that brings fearlessness because you can hold on to it unto death.

This is a lot- patience is good.

A passion fueled by patience remains genuine.

A patient will is 'master'.

Patience is good because love owns our sanity (when we ignore truth we become unhappy)- truth is: pride is bullshit because you're God.

'Freedom' means food growing everywhere. 'Freedom' means compassion rules.

Patience is good. Patience is good. Patience is good.

Patience is good. Patience is good.

Patience is good.

Forever and again, patience is good.