Every Ego Dies




What can be said? I sit here, guessing that I'm going to jail tomorrow, maybe for the rest of my life (oh, so dramatic). Hoping that future can be circumvented by the ruling coming out today or tomorrow. Sometimes I write for those who might be reading for the first time... sometimes it's just easier to presume people know what I'm talking about.


I'm not a frivolous media-whore. I'm someone sociopathic enough to not be herded. The curse on the world is so huge it is hard to explain... beyond just saying fate and patience and just letting people figure it out on their own. If one person learns the truth then they are crucified and labeled as crazy. If many people learned the truth it is a movement--- this thing is getting close to a movement and I would rather not starve to death in jail.


The Provincial Court is playing a political game because their bosses know that the current monopoly on sleep will be busted, or the government will have to admit to being tyrannical and just, publicly and officially, not care what the public think... It would be nice to have a victory- to know the job was done correctly. It would be nice to see city hall step out of their role as socially acceptable criminals and just fess up and apologize... I've had that dream before.


I am writing now with the notion that this may be the last thing I send out. There is so much I would want to say. So many people that I love so much. So many little last messages. I love you all and I know your love for me. It's all ok. Everything is perfectly, PERFECTLY, on schedule. I think sometimes a lot of the apathy comes from being unable to imagine world-shaking events are happening right here, right now... that how we deal with this 'right to sleep' will directly affect every single 'Crown' colonized country in the world, and by doing that will affect the whole world... the answer is so simple and so fatal to industry based in lies. Death is better than slavery. Which is why so much attention has been given to deluding slaves into thinking they are free. Your children's lives should be the reason you do not bend for the devil, not the reason you do.


Don't be afraid. Every ego dies. It is nature. Love truth so you can get the most out of whatever life your ego will have. Define your parameters so you need not waste time on desiring the impossible. God is not a ten foot tall bearded guy that grants wishes. God is all and can only be God. The soul of life is the soul of God and when you are humble it shines through you. Avoid pride- understand it so you can avoid being the fool. There is no evil- only those children who've been taught life 'chooses' and can subsequently blame other egos for the things God has made them do. Your ego is made by its experience. Period. Just like everyone (every person be they scaled, two footed or four). So there, objectively, is no evil. So you need not waste time with hating... just think on patience in the hard times, in the confusing times, in the times of doubt and the times of glory. Patience is a window that allows even the most simple of folk look on the grandness of God.


Heaven-on-Earth/freedom is a very real future for this planet... we just have to suffer at maximum so we can find the inspiration to transcend suffering. Utilizing our divinity to figure out our way back to the garden. What else is there? Fear really ain't real- its just a mindfuck; a lesson of God.


Patience be with every conduit of God's soul.


in fate,


David Arthur Johnston


Victoria, BC, Canada




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