The Canada-wide Establishment of Tent-cities




flailing and scrambling, tripping and screaming. everyone is well aware that something is fundamentally and horribly fucked.


My ire gets raised by the simplicity that most miss, so I remember we can only be reflections of our experience and all the people engaged in corrupt acts just do not know better. I do not want to waste your time with a journal account of my psyche, so I'll get to the point...


JUNE 16TH, 2008- begins a five day trial to determine, constitutionally, if the Corporation of the City of Victoria's anti-camping bylaws are ok. At the end of the five days the judge may or may not reserve their ruling. If it is ruled that the bylaw is not constitutional it will make way for sanctioned tent-cities in every municipality in Canada. If it is ruled constitutional the court officially reveals itself to be a terrorist. Either way there will be action.


JUNE 21ST, 2008- ruling or not, good ruling or not, I will be asserting my right to act conscientiously in my ability to live and sleep by constructing a 'temporary abode' in a place open enough to birth a tent-city, inviting myself to be murdered by the 'Crown' if they disagree. Knowing better, one cannot be mature AND eat in jail.


The 'Crown' will continue with the demonic spin-doctoring thing, maybe trying to delay the trial yet again... as far as I can see, five days after whenever this trial happens I will stand against the 'Crown' in the name of God and life and truth and it would be best if all would stand with me.


Patience be with us all. It begins with a love of truth... as long as a person holds any notion of pride being virtuous they cannot know themself. Better start thinking grand because life is. Patience be with your ego.


David Arthur Johnston


Victoria, BC, Canada


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