eradicating poverty




   Of course it is a huge issue. The hugest really. We have the greatest challenge on our hands.


   If we are true then we will not be afraid of the extent we must go. If the truth that is needed is the hardest thing we could imagine and every industry that is dependant on a lie will attack you for being true we will need an inner strength that many have yet to consider. Patience be with us.


   Capitalism is not sustainable and poverty is an indication of that. Capitalism depends on people being prideful so that they can pretend that they can own things... to make provisions against the coming storm we will have to admit the reality of a fated universe so to have a truth to hold on to when everyone comes to say how not important acknowledging the sin of pride is.


   To make provisions against the unsustainability of capitalism we will admit that every 'homeless' person is a true and bonifide refugee, then we will have refugee camps/tent-cities/spontaneous autonomous communities.


   The answer is presuming innocence of society as a whole and not sending in the dogs to instigate the tent-cities. Anarchy is not the enemy of justice. The enemy of justice is the one who will worship the 'Rule of Law' while ignoring the legal exception, which is the supremacy of God. So, acknowledge conscientiousness by thinking about fate a lot--- a government worthy of giving just authority must objectively acknowledge the sin of pride.


just some words


Patience be with us.


David Arthur Johnston


Victoria, BC, Canada


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