The End of Fascism Begins Here




Lately I've been visualizing every living thing as an infinitely small, very bright point of light (in our centers), that shines out rays as tendrils. One can see the whole of that light, as it can only be what it is, perfectly revealing... to the humble.


The 'now' could be said to be a moving view screen that travels along the infinite path of time, only displaying what it can as the line cannot be varied.


True comfort comes with understanding of fate, because to understand that is to know what you are. Experiential nodes dancing predestinedly... well, what can we expect? We live in an infinite construct with infinite flow... there can be no error except when we perceive preconceptions unfulfilled--- along with the fact that never has a choice been made, there is also, truly, no such thing as a mistake.


People will find their inspiration when they will, forever... so have no worry and dance with the now (accept and be enveloped in grace). Our inspirations come.


Have no worry because all life's sanity is ruled by love.


patience be with us all.


David Arthur Johnston


Victoria, BC, Canada


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