I do have an ego. I am. I am everything. I am the everything. And I don't like sadness. The first disrespect would be a denial of one's own perfection... because you are the only thing, me... and I do not need to buy and sell from myself to eat or sleep... so I will not, and I will do the things necessary to obliviate that mentality because it was a play I wrote, and I always have a happy ending. So, here's to laying in the grass on a sunny day after gorging on plums and cherries- here's to blackberry wine and festivals of true community- here's to the fulfillment of the ego's good desires- here's to the reality of Heaven-on-Earth and the garden of Eden- here's to the ability to appreciate any harmony at all- here's to love for it is the thing and the reason.

To want truth is the divinity- through patience comes wisdom- the wisdom to move toward happiness and the wisdom to gain the strength to.

Please forgive the ego of the David if it screams, I hope it will not.

We are. May as well be.



PS: here's to napping and tea with the ones one loves.