Don't be afraid...


Don't be afraid to look at all the sadness of the world- it may be your salvation.

Don't be afraid of facing something too big for you to deal with.

Don't be afraid of being lazy. Don't be afraid of missing opportunity.

Know that you only be and accept what you are- trust that you are love. Knowing 'self' can be normal. You are a reflection of all motion. You are the soul of all motion. Transcend the mysticism to see the real magic of life. Lots and lots of people are getting tired of being afraid- and you know what we are? We are the phenomenon that bring freedom from delusion- the physically manifested wizards and ninjas who's greatest joys revolve around the smiles of their friends- the ones not afraid to look through the door that reveals the infinite doors- the ones who enjoy patience.

Patience be with us all. Enjoy the dance. Don't be afraid. You will not be afraid because you need not be. There is a point where all originality is forfeit- may our want of being something other than what we are subside.


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