the illusory justification of deadly force




a true warrior concentrates all energy into forgiving the attacker- unto death--- this is the path of mastery


you carry a gun because you are so afraid of death that you think it acceptable to kill to preserve your own life... but what you haven't considered is that when you go into a situation of a mind where you would rather be dead than kill, those who would attack are faced with a catalyst thought where they may (it is always risking all), themselves, consider a mindset of maturity... if mediation takes a thousand years it takes a thousand years


you must ask yourself- do I work for the majority or do I work for the common good?-- if you work for the common good then dedicate yourself to truth and know that if we want to evolve into a virtuous world we must be virtuous


and also know that if you work for the common good that the world is in a transcendent state right now- rooted around the thought that the demystification of divinity is, simply, dedication to truth and working up to the end of many industries, but hopefully we will have put much thought into the creation of free (autonomous) communities and easy to work with greenhouses- stubbornness is not a virtue- remember honour


there is love and distraction from it- you are a reflection of highest good, you just need to shake off your fear (and anger will follow) and your addictions to luxury and remember that most fun comes from a world of trust


anyhoo... out of time here...


love you


love you all


there is a law that supercedes all others- be conscientious










then something about defining, or at least, an attempt at defining the common good…


good: practicality towards a goal


common: unifying


something about the path of maximum happiness and your responsibility above all others to deduce it


that whole 'truth shall set you free' thing was not thought up just to impress


observe the world objectively and you will see things having fun- proving that 'fun' exists


please excuse my catch-phrasiness


dedicate yourself to truth and look at the world around you




know that, regardless of any instigation you see coming from me, that spite and anger stem from contentment with immaturity and that the path of maturity is the path of righteousness


the big calm is real and stronger than any panic, just know that only through humility (being true to self... and to be true to self one must be true) can the big calm be embraced


truth becomes obvious with dedication to it and if you don't trust me you can figure it out on your own


the path of love is dictated by seemingly random inspirations- don't be stubborn when you find that your plans cannot happen


you have all the time in the world if your intent is good


happiness is bigger than sadness


Heaven is here


be very very happy


yup, anyhoo,


all love forever,






then compliment with question of children and family…


everything that can know fun and everything that suffers is my family


we most honour our children when we most honour truth


one of the curses is knowing that we cannot rely on ignorance even to feed our families


good- when we stop relying on the machine to provide the other system becomes apparent


destroy your ID