Dear Jesus,

I know you're dead and can't read this, it is more of an artsy thing inspired by a desire to say the truth you wanted to say.

I love you very much and am sorry you had to go through all that shit... what a freakin' adventure, oh my gosh. You did well... that is to say, you are remembered fondly by many people... you have also become a target of Satan's... your name is besmirched on a very common degree, everyday, everywhere. I know. I know. They 'know not what they do'.

We're coming to a global catalyst point now, in our 'ignorance' destroying the very air we breathe and attempting to enslave all life and retard it so it may never know freedom. We make it through, I know this- the 'truth sets us free' thing is true. More and more people are coming to terms with the giant delusion that has been put on us and are venturing into truths that attract persecution, so people are enjoying much adventure.

I know you were just a guy that knew what he was and you told the people what they were and many did not want to believe you because they would attract the persecution of their master, the devil.

May all the people know that there is a truth above all, and that it is simple in its grandness. Love is THE truth- you will kill me or be my friend, after that, if I am still alive I will suggest consideration of fate, because understanding that will lead to fearlessness in thought and that leads to wisdom and true liberation for all.

The 'now' remains perfect. There will be a moment in this next year (September) that Babylon will be stuck with revealing itself as it will be required to make a ruling on whether or not it is legal to sleep outside. A part of me really wants the judge to say it is illegal to sleep outside because it is quite liberating ignoring the order of a tyrant.


patience be with us all

Merry Christmas, I know... holy f, they are so proud of someone who said be not proud... oh well, you are loved by many.