The Christmas Letter


This will probably break through the internet through Josh and/or Roxy (hello Josh and/or Roxy)


Hello all.


Apparently money is a thing that needs to stop so I’ll not be making any collect calls this year and hope that you guys stop paying for electricity soon (as far as this exchange is considered).


Things are, somewhat, brilliant this year. Adventure after adventure- this is not a cop-out on details, it is just that there has been a lot going on. The ‘quest for truth’ has come to fruition. ‘Predestiny’ is absolutely real and anything considered as a choice/ ‘free-will’ has only ever been a predestined perception. In short, everything is perfect and always has been and always will be- it is that this is known now that it has become obvious that fear is an absurdity. Imagine that your every response is perfect, because they are (because you can only ever be what you are)- though now that you ‘know’ a real confidence grows (this is akin to the whole ‘the truth shall set you free’ thing). It is patience that ‘saves’, for through it comes the wisdom to move, so beware frustration and resentment because whatever will be WILL be. Essentially, the world’s experiment with pride is over, so don’t be afraid because you’re only making an ass of yourself by revealing your laziness. Patience, patience, patience. Patience unto death. Infinite patience. Truth IS truth and the truth is love wrote the script.


In self-inspiration,


Me, David


PS: Mom: Everything is OK. Don’t worry and never doubt my love for you. We are fearless flowers of God. May humility guide us.


Dad: I’ve been very productive- if pride was good I would tell you that you could be very proud of me. I’m an angel, really, though you can tell your friends that I’m a monk, if you would describe what I do. Though I am a monk that suggests that everytime somebody buys or sells they are raping the world. The times ARE a’changin. We are entering a time of honour and valiance. Each of us being humble and knowing the truth of pride’s destroying nature. I know how what I say sounds, though that it is suggested that honour owns sanity all things must be given due consideration lest our karma grow exponentially bad. From a brother to a brother- stop using money- pride is sin. Love you.


Kary: Quit your damned job. You’re an angel, not an SS officer. Hey Darryl- quit your damned job, too.


Josh: ummmm… ya. All goodness to you (how’s that for ‘west coast hippy speak?). I’ve been having tent city dreams lately… so who knows?


To everyone else: could somebody please give Victor a big hug and tell him his nephew misses him very much? Love to you, Gramma and Grampa. Love to the rest of you- don’t sweat the soap opera- you’ve more important things to think about.


In amusing inevitability,


Your brother,


David Arthur Johnston



PPS: Many people are reading this:


The Global End of Money


The future. More and more people are seeing the horror that we are adopting as the 'norm' and are not wanting to content themselves with it.

We, the people, are desperately seeking the inspiration that will lead us from a world seemingly gone mad while trying to hold on to our own sanities. Though we find we are addicted and our addiction feeds what harms us.

We understand that it will only be through unification that we can break free; though many (in their laziness) are convinced unification is impossible, hence despair.

In essence, we desperately want our 'individualism', though this seems a deception- that however 'individual' we think we are we still exist in the same existence. There has also been a very menaced and contrived promotion of pride- the lie that divides us. So these are things needing to be contended with.

At the root, the cure rests in a 'want of truth' that supercedes a 'fear of discomfort'. The way to bypass the defenses (fear and anger) built around our apprehensions is through humility; a simple understanding that when it is time to die that we will do so calmly- and from that understanding, everything. Through a want of truth we find that we are stronger than our fear and can respond however we will- that there is no trauma that we cannot handle.

The global end of money (which is inevitable) begins with the understanding that there is truth regardless of opinion. An understanding that love (a pervading appreciation of harmony) is real and that pride is an ignorance of it. An understanding that all things can only be what they are because they can only be their experiences- and through that acknowledgement, objective understanding of the absurdities of fear and anger- so through ‘understanding’ how to respond lovingly becomes more and more apparent. However grand a consideration is it cannot be too grand, for 'grandness' is only a term of comparison. Pride is a lie. Every time money is spent it is a lie that is being contented with. Through humility (a want of truth) we find unification; through an acknowledgment of our happiness being dictated to by love we find that there is nothing we cannot do to further that path, including ending the use of money.

It starts with those who've yet to take on many/any external responsibilities accepting the responsibility of being humble until they die- these are the ones that secure the 'tent cities'- and once the tent cities are secured those with other responsibilities (ex. family) can start moving in.

The near future has two types of people- those who move toward the end of money and those who hate them (who, through time, either find love’s inspiration or they go insane and die, not understanding the nature of ‘absolute forgiveness’).

in knowing that the proud will find inspiration through being forgiven,

in knowing that humility owns courage,

in knowing true inspiration can only come through patience,

David Arthur Johnston