Heaven-on-Earth: one nervous breakdown away


Essentially, the virtue trip is real. If a person contents themself with not knowing what pride is they share the same morality as every perpetrator of every brutality, ever... which means- pride (people who espouse it) have no authority at all- they own nothing- the humble do not flail in their fearlessness, they understand that it is compliance with love that dictates their happiness... so they respect.

The continued playing of the 'money game' is the height of laziness- dedicating entire lifetimes to justifying the laziness born of the apprehension of the responsibility of wanting truth most. Pride is deception- nothing that comes from you is yours- you are a result of motion that happened infinity ago- you are not you.

Everything that is must be (so there is no excuse for anger or fear)- may you move fearlessly from the 'now' (which is the turning point that sees the reality of 'Heaven-on-Earth').

in truth,
in the knowledge that patience is the root of wisdom,