Black Bloc: the politics of manufacturing consent




The most efficient way of controlling a population is to keep it angry. Being that the government's only control comes through the threat of violence it is best for it to support the notion of justifiable anger.


The Black Bloc is the best tool in the maintaining of a police state. And it is so simple when confronted with the naivety of almost the entire global population in their delusion of thinking anger is just a 'human emotion'.


I have to walk gently here, as many of my friends get angry at the notion that arrests are necessary to affect change. So, instead of offering themselves wholly and peaceably they rely on a history of guerrilla tactics to display their frustration, subsequently supporting the thing they propose to oppose by offering an excuse for the police to protect public interest.


Essentially, if one is not ready to get arrested, or die, for a cause they are not ready to champion it.


The cowardice of hiding one's face, must be forgiven, even as it is ostracized for being the poison that it is. These are our family and friends and they are seeing our world gearing up to be completely populated by retarded slaves, as any sense of the freedom of living on a enlightened garden planet looks to be lost forever... so, the anguish is completely understandable. Patience be with us all as the hardest answers are revealed.


Death before dishonour.