Babylon comes at Full Assault


I enjoy the idea that this will be a most important page- apparently I have enough time to edit and start with a familiarizing paragraph.

Patience be with us. May we always remember that the devil was invented to be conquered; the fact of patience transcending doubt lending the strength of true fearlessness (bringing an invulnerable humility- 'integrity', one may say), to be put into practice.

Fundamentally, do not support the prideful construct. For our sanity, children and last bits of innocence humbly do not be afraid to die in the face of ignorance. GOD- we are the freakin angels- STAND, in humility and patience ------ DO NOT GIVE AUTHORITY TO THE POLICE ------ DO NOT PAY TAXES OR RENT ------ BEGIN TO LIVE YOUR LIVES LIKE WE ARE GOING TO HEAVEN AND EVERYONE IS WORTHY OF 'INNOCENT PRESUMPTION' ------ ABSOLUTELY TRUST THAT LOVE, THE MIRACLE, WILL BRING US THE INSPIRATION TO FACE ALL, SEEMING, DISHARMONY--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ALWAYS, FOREVER, IN THE END, PATIENCE IS ENOUGH...

so have much glory- because the 'end' of 'Babylon' signifies the 'beginning' of freedom/home/paradise

in much love,

David Arthur Johnston

Victoria, BC, Canada

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PS: "Oh my children, don't you cry. It is a good day to die."